Vietnam – a country of utopia

Vietnam, a whole new world, a world of imagination, a world beyond paradise. With its outstanding environment and breathtaking view, Vietnam will guarantee you satisfaction and the best out of your moments in your entire life. Vietnam will grant your dream a reality with an outer world lifestyle.

This country requires a visa for entrance, so make sure you own one. If you don’t know look at Vietnam has restricted rules, there’s no places for mistakes.

Vietnam is known for their beautiful landscape and their welcoming atmosphere. There is so much locations that you have to explore and discover. In this case, I will summarize you the greatest places in the country from the heart of Vietnam.

Have you ever wished a phenomenal view and live freedom in a whole different culture ? Well, Vietnam will make the impossible possible.

Da Nang, Hanoi and Saigon are the main cities for visitors. Each cities have their own architecture and urbanity.

Let’s start with Saigon city, now called Ho Chi-Minh City, is a city located in the south of Vietnam. Back then, during the Vietnam war, Saigon city was known for its role. Now, it has many significant monuments based on their history. Like the War Remnants Museum, which involve the french colonialist, the Independence Palace also called the Reunification Palace, which was the home and workplace of the President of South Vietnam, the Museum of Vietnamese History, that includes their civilisation and their dynasty and there’s many more !

Let’s put history aside and talk about the glorious of the city. At the center of the city, you will definitely see a skyscraper with a helipad. That’s the Bitexco Financial Tower, located at District 1 in Ho Chi-Minh City, it has a huge mall with an incredible viewing deck. However, it is not the tallest building in the city. A super-tall skyscraper at Binh Thanh District in Ho Chi-Minh City named Landmark 81 is up to 1,513 feet which is the tallest building that Vietnam ever got ! Inside there’s a vast mall with restaurant and even an ice rink ! The most elegant concept is the chief cook in the restaurant. They will cook it in front of you with their amazing talent ! Forget about fast food, that’s not even close to it. Those chief will put all their capability to produce a gorgeous art ! It deserves to be filmed. Let’s not forget the observation deck at the top of the building. To access to it, you have to buy a ticket for entrance. At the top of the building, you will be greeted with gratitude. There will be staff that will welcome you with a luxury cocktail for your entrance. I’ve been there and not gonna lie, being at the top of city is the most relaxing view you can ever have. You will literally own Vietnam with the magnificent view over the city.

Hanoi City, a city at the north of the country, a city recognized for its unique architecture from many centuries and its shiny reflective colors from the beaches along the way. You will find the mother of nature at the east of the country where Vietnamese paradise will put you and your mind into peace. Halong Bay, a place made of love and a place where silent is serenity. Day or night, nothing is better to live nature and life itself. There is so much thing to do at Halong Bay, that you can’t even imagine. Picture yourself, you and your girlfriend or your family, travelling on a boat surrounded by beautiful architecture of rocks and the water around you glowing in many different colors is a dream come true ! Being on a boat and having a tour guide behind you to make you discover the art of nature is out of this world. The tour guide will make you discover caves, underground rivers, natural sculpted rocks and many more. In the other hand, if you are travelling on a small cruise, you will be greeted by impressive cookers and staff in a small restaurant inside that are ready to begin your expedition. Some trip can be up to many days depending which trip you decide to go.

Let’s not forget the most natural place in the country, Da Nang. A city located at the center, known for its sandy beaches and its emerald waters. Feeling the air and the flow from the water current will set your soul in meditation. At night, you will see the light of the city brightening into your eyes invading your mind because the city is made for the night ! In Da Nang, you can count as many bridges but there are some lightful and colorful ones. Like the Dragon Bridge, the bridge with its unique design of a dragon. During the night, the dragon will breath fire to all fellows near the bridge ! A must watch ! Also, Vietnam have their own place where the thrill and adrenaline pumps you up. Asia Park – Sun World Da Nang, a massive amusement park where you can enjoy fresh air day or night ! Many rides and other theme park for all ages ! Da Nang is the best place to feel the pure air of Vietnam.

At the end, the Internet is where all the magic start so make sure you plan your best trip of your life ! To summarize, Da Nang is renowned for its artistic bridges, for the amusement park and its unique sandy beaches. Hanoi is known for its architecture and Ho Chi-Minh City is well-known for their building. Make sure to inform yourself before taking a trip.Vietnam is where light gives you life.

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