Paradisiac Shore

For summer, you may be looking for a great place where you can feel summertime. A beach where the heat flow through you, be at the shore of the world with it endless view, feel and hear the water calming your mind. Vietnam is the right place to be with it boundless moment at a sandy beach.

Vietnam is known for its popular emerald waters and for their beautiful landscape. Vietnam take care of their environment and their ecosystem to preserve the true beauty of nature.

Nha Trang, a beach made by Mother Earth, located in southeastern Vietnam, is recognized for its popular beaches and offshore islands. Nha Trang is the only place you can see the “aurora” in these tropical island. The beach is a living, enjoy a cocktail and partying with a necklace of hills is the best moments you will ever encounter. Looking straight at the sky with a turquoise bay at the horizon is astonishing. Being there will give you chills. Not only the beach is the reason to be there but the palms at each side of the road is the reason to feel the season. Its like California but even better ! Staying in the hotel at night and having a view of the landscape beneath you is absolutely stunning. Also, there’s a lot of attractions and restaurants near the beach to give you peace during the time at Nha Trang. There’s a diversity of restaurant at the area to give you a better taste of the environment. Nha Trang is hiding its secret and it’s true colors. Few seconds before nightfall, it’s the best time to feel the warm air, to hear the sound of the ocean, to smell fresh air that purifies you. It will definitely gives you goosebumps !

If you’re planning a trip in northeastern Vietnam, I suggest you take a look in Hai Phong. It’s leafy environment will give you a feeling that you’re living in the nature.

Colossal rocks erupting from the waters is an adventure that deserves to be explored !

The landscape of Vietnam is a true art for their majestic flora. It never cease to amaze us ! What actually makes it more perfect is when you’re travelling you and your girlfriend in the middle of the sea. The atmosphere is so calm and relaxing, even I lost for words. The transparent water, the unique designed landscape and the bright sky is stealing away your soul ! The environment itself tells us all. What makes it more perfect is travelling on water, hearing the sound of nature and hearing the water beneath you blasting is heartwarming !

Vietnam is true freedom. Vietnam is an escape of the real world. Vietnam is a land of promise. The vegetation from Vietnam is keeping us away from the real world . The truth of nature is hiding in Vietnam. Discover it and explore it, your eyes will find Vietnam secrets. I will leave you there and let you explore Vietnam because Vietnam is worth a thousand words.

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