The Hands of God in Ba Na Hills – Da Nang city

Earth has given us a lot of natural architecture and showed us the beauty of nature. Although, humans constructed high buildings, built colossal monuments and significative masterpiece. As a human, into each masterpiece we’ve built, we built our world with faith.

Every person has a different belief and different culture but as one, we are all equal. This is what Vietnam offer to everybody, a gift built in love, in peace and in equality.

The Golden Bridge located in Da Nang, Ba Na Hills, is an unique bridge design, it has a design of two hands holding the bridge reflected by golden lights. In your entire life, you wouldn’t imagine a bridge that has a representation of God presence actually exist. Once you walk on it, you’ll feel safe and relaxed, thanks to the flow of the wind and the sky ahead of you.

The Golden Bridge is a large pedestrian bridge of 150-metre-long and is connected to a cable car station. The bridge is 3,280 feet above sea level. A small colorful garden surrounds your entrance making more perfect and more connected with nature. This bridge, in between mountains, is the greatest view you’ll ever get. High above clifftops, you will feel like walking on clouds. Standing on the bridge will give you an heavenly view of the landscape beneath. This bridge unique design is a gold bar lifted by giants hands of God. That bridge brought a lot of visitors and tourist around the world due to his particular design. Everybody wants to walk the path of God !

Also, the bridge is a way to connect with nature. Once you walk along the bridge, it’s like a dream come true out of a fantasy universe. There’s actually no words to describe its beauty, the scenery is incredibly out of this world and the stunning sight will leave you lost for words. People believes Earth is the center of the universe, well let me tell you that the Golden Bridge is the center of everybody hearts. No other structure can be compared to this divine bridge. This fantastic structure is a legacy from the ground.

Depending the day you’ll go, each weather preserve an exclusive moment whether you walk or take picture. A foggy day will set a creepy or cinematic mood considering the wind blowing the fog in your way like flares for an epic picture ! A sunny day will mark the presence of God, a perfect time to take a good picture ! But let’s not forget the most important time of the day, the moment right before sunrise or the sunset will give you chills. During a time like that you can’t imagine yourself how beautiful it would be to see the heavens reply with colorful skies. Daylight or nightfall, nature won’t disappoint you !

Walking this godlike bridge is walking the hall of fame. Crossing this bridge is like crossing over the whole country. As a tourist, I guarantee you the best satisfaction of living the moment on this bridge. Vietnam will never deceive you. It will be life changing !

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