Visit These Vietnamese Places For Surreal Experience 

Vietnam is known for its natural scenic beauty, friendly locals, vibrant culture, mouthwatering food, and futuristic and modern elements. Additionally, acquiring Vietnam visa is also a very easy process. First of all, if you are a citizen of the U.K., Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Japan, France, and 15 other countries, you do not require a Vietnam visa for a short visit. And if you do not belong to this group, you can easily apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

For getting Vietnam visa online, you just have to fill a form online, and then wait for 3-5 working days for standard processing or 8 working hours if you want urgent processing. Once you receive the approval letter, avail its hard copy. Once you arrive at the international airport, present all the valid documents, and grab your Vietnam visa on arrival.

Sapa is a must-visit Vietnamese destination. And the reason is that it offers untouched scenery, green, fresh, lush rice paddies all over, forest treks, and awe-inspiring natural beauty. It is also often called the gateway to the North.

The most popular attraction is Fansipan, which is Vietnam’s highest mountain. Those who love to trek will enjoy hiking here. Although trekking is not easy and requires endurance and technical climbing skills, it offers an exquisite view from the top. You will only see an expanse of lush green plants and trees all around. If you are not a pro in mountain climbing, you can walk through the easier trails leading to valleys and waterfalls.

Halong Bay

Once you get your Vietnam visa and arrive in the country, you must visit Halong Bay, which is a Unesco World Heritage site full of wonder and beauty. The place has hundreds of caves, high limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, beaches, and treks.

You will love laying on beaches and trekking at Cat Ba island while listening to the sounds of water as you move through the bays. The further you move, the more tranquil would be the place with clearer water and lesser tourists around.

Because it is the most popular tourist destination, you will find it crowded. However, you can pay extra and choose to star further away, where tourists are less. Trust us, the surreal experience you will get in quieter places is worth the extra money.

Mai Chau

Mai Chau is similar to Sapa with mountains and rice fields, fresh air and blue skies. However, unlike Sapa where you have to climb the mountain and look down, Mai Chau is all about being right in the middle of the rice paddies. The pristine, endless green stretches all around you are definitely going to astound you. You can choose to stay with friendly and welcoming locals who will treat you with fresh home-cooked Vietnamese food and lots of love.

If you are looking to a green retreat and want to stay away from the tourists, Mai Chau should be on your list. Rend a bicycle and cycle on the flat, long roads with rice paddies on both sides and blue sky above your head.


The cultural capital of the country, Hanoi, offers a variety of captivating tourist spots. You can visit the Pagodas, walk through the Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem), drink Vietnamese coffee in quaint cafes, visit Ethnology museum that explains about all the 54 minority groups living in Vietnam, interact with the locals, shop local souvenirs, and gorge on scrumptious and authentic Vietnamese street food.

Ho Chi Minh

HCM is a one of its kind city in Vietnam. It is a grand city with crazy party places, especially in Bui Vien Street’s downtown. Here you can drink and party until late night and befriend friendly locals who are always up for a chat.

During the day, you can visit Tao Dan Park located in the city center to see lush green space, turtles swimming in the water, people playing badminton and exercising, and squirrels happily jumping here and there. You can also unwind and relax by booking yourself an hour-long massage in reputed spas only for $15.

We also recommend taking a trip to Cat Tien National Park, which is famous for its wildlife and monkeys if you are an animal lover. You can also head for Cu Chi Tunnels, which is an underground tunnel system used during Vietnam War. The tunnels were used to supply the Viet Cong soldiers with food, safety, and medical supplies.

Vietnam is a country full of culture, surreal natural beauty, historical architecture, friendly locals, gorgeous beaches, Buddhist pagodas, and delectable food. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, a solo trip, or a romantic trip, Vietnam is a perfect destination for all.

Due to the easy process of getting Vietnamese visa online, it is a popular tourist destination. So, if you want to visit a country that offers almost all types of natural diversity, Vietnam should be your option.

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