Top Destinations With Scenic Beauty To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is amongst the most beautiful Southeast Asian countries. You will see Buddhist shrines near towering skyscrapers, vibrant festivals, a number of historical structures and ancient landmarks, sandy beaches with fancy restaurants and luxurious resorts, and hills for hiking excursions. So, whether you are planning a relaxing beach break, a historical tour or an escape from city life, Vietnam should be your choice.

Another reason to consider traveling to Vietnam is an easy procedure to acquire Vietnam Visa. It not only allows nationals of certain countries travel without a visa but also offers the option of availing Vietnam visa on arrival. All you have to do is fill an online form for visa application. Once your Vietnam visa is approved, you will get an approval letter in your email. When you arrive at the airport, show all the required documents, and get your Vietnam visa on arrival.

The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is simply gorgeous. Just like the other Vietnamese destinations, you will experience a less touristy and peaceful scenery as you move away from the city area. We recommend you to take a three-day boat tour to Chau Doc, which includes the Tra Su Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located deep in the forest and is best explored if you travel through your own wooden boat. It will offer you a surreal experience while one of the locals paddle the boat and you listen to the sound of nature and birds.

You should not miss climbing the observation tower to watch several local birds as they fly. You should not miss the super busy early morning floating markets in which the locals sell their vegetables and fruits.

Another thing that you should not miss is the numerous factories in the area that make rice, honey, coconut sweets, and milk. For having the best experience, we recommend that you hire a local guide who will ensure that you do not miss anything.

Vung Tau – Ho Tram

A lot of locals come to Ho Tram to escape the city life of Ho Chi Minh City (HCM). You have to simply follow the road from Vung Tau for almost an hour and you will reach the starting point of the Ho Tram strip. You can also take a speedboat from HCM or a bus to arrive at the destination.

To completely enjoy the beaches, book into any of the luxurious resorts, as they offer pristine beaches, excellent views, private swimming pools, and comfortable stay. You can purchase a day pass and stay in a cheaper property if you do not want to spend a lot of money to get the most out of this beautiful location.

Phu Quoc Island

The island will offer you shallow warm water, an alluring sunset view, and clean beaches. Although it not as peaceful and secluded as it was, it still is a divine retreat. You will find a number of food stalls serving scrumptious and fresh seafood and delectable cocktails. Do not forget to try grilled seabass, BBQ tiger prawns, and deep-fried calamari.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne and Phan Thiet are towns located next to blue waters and white beaches. You can choose to stay in AirBnb, hotels, or resorts. You can also enjoy the water sports like kitesurfing, sand boarding, and kayaking offered in Mui Ne.

The Fairy Stream is a must visit, which runs along several naturally forming sand dunes and have various stops serving fruit juice and chilled beer. The end of the stream is a waterfall, which is an Instagram-worthy spot.

Lastly, do not forget to visit its fascinating sand dunes. What is exciting about these sand dunes is that you will find both white and red sand dunes, which are extremely beautiful.

Ninh Binh

Set in a valley of green wonderland, Ninh Binh is a real gem and must-visit Vietnamese place. They alluring attraction in this beautiful location is taking a boat ride on the river with towering limestone cliffs around, listening to the melodious sounds of the birds, and splashes of the river water. Ask your boat paddler to take you through the eight caves formed artificially of naturally inside the limestone mountains in Trang An.

Do not forget to visit the Gothic Church or Phat Diem Church built from stone and wood, and heavy Vietnamese architectural influence. Also, visit the pagodas, which are full of rich culture and history.

Vietnam is truly one of its kind as it is a perfect blend of contemporariness and culture. Tourists not only love Vietnam’s bustling cities, lush mountains, and golden sand beaches but also the easy process of getting Vietnam visa of arrival. If you are looking for a holiday with a complete package, Vietnam should be your destination.

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