Must-Visit Surreal Islands In Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination because of its numerous breathtaking islands. It has a long coastline stretching up to 3000 km is surrounded by traditional villages, age-old temples, thousand of islets, unexplored grottoes, lush forests, stunning beaches, and rare marine life.

Popular islands like Hon Tre, Cat Ba, and Phu Quoc islands have undergone enormous development resulting in a wide range of exquisite resorts and hotels, fine-dining venues, nightlife spots, etc.  While those islands that are yet to be developed offer unmatched beach experience.

How To Obtain Vietnam Visa?

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you must know that Vietnam visa can be acquired online as well as does not require you to engage in complex procedures while applying for Vietnam visa. The online Vietnam visa procedure is fairly easy, as you have to fill an online form and then wait for approval letter, which arrives in 3-5 working days.

Once you obtain the Vietnamese visa approval letter in your e-mail, take a printout. Now, you just have to arrive at Vietnam airport and get your Vietnam visa stamped. Vietnam exempts citizens of 25 countries like the U.K., Singapore, Germany, Iceland, etc. to enter the country without a visa.

Once you have the Vietnam visa in your hand, you can visit the following beaches for a relaxing vacation.

Phu Quoc Island

It is an island with several gorgeous islets, beachside activities, quaint cafes, luxurious resorts and hotels, funky bard, evergreen forests, serene atmosphere, and clear waters. One of the trending spots on this island is Mong Tay Islet or the Fingernail Islet, which is also known as Maldives of Vietnam due to its postcard image appearance and pristine atmosphere.

Cat Ba Island

It is Halong Bay’s largest island and you can find various restaurants, hotels, bars, and resorts here. The island is mostly loaded with tourists, however, if you wish to move away from the crowd to silent and unoccupied spots, you can rent a speedboat or kayak to Lan Ha Bay and Monkey Island.

Cat Ba Island also has a national park with the same name. Expect to see drop-dead gorgeous views of surrounding rocks protruding out of the calm water.

Nam Du Island

It is an extremely beautiful place in South Vietnam. It is one of the “hot” destinations in Vietnam due to its shady coconut trees, clear blue water, sandy shores, rich marine life, coral reefs, historical sites, and Instagram worthy spots.

Those who are water babies and love diving and snorkeling should visit Hon Dau island for seeing rare marine life and thriving coral reefs.

Con Dao Island

Also known as Con Dao National Park, this island has several uninhabited islets and each of them offers expansive beaches with evergreen trees. If you are looking to escape the bustling city life, you can visit the main island and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities and hiking trails. Some popular activities on this island are diving and island hopping.

Binh Hung Island

If you are seeking complete isolation from the tourists and commercialism, Binh Hung should be your choice. As there are no hotels, you can make arrangements with the friendly locals if you wish to stay in Binh Hung Island.  Its fresh and delectable seafood and splendid beaches would make you curl up, read a good book, and listen to the background music of the waves. Additionally, it offers excellent treks, white sand beaches, clear blue water, and raw beauty.

Hang Rai Island

Hang Rai Island in Ninh Thuan province

It is the largest coral reef in Vietnam. The island has unspoiled beauty that will surely make its visitors astonished. You will see a pile of several shaped stones that create various large and small caves. If you ever visit this island, you will never be able to forget its pristine beauty and unique landscape with mountains at one end and sea at the other.

What is more is that the sea color changes with the sky, so satiate your inner artist and recharge yourself to create outstandingly extraordinary art.

Cu Lao Cham Island

Beach on Cu Lao Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham’s soothing picture would include cool climate, wide beaches, lush forests, and vast sands. If you are visiting this island, pack your breathing tube with you and be ready for a dive with your buddies to explore the blue oceans.

Vietnam’s beaches and islands are not just about blue water and white sand, each of them offers a surreal experience. Exciting water sports, fresh seafood, welcoming locals, ethereal beauty are some of the synonyms of Vietnamese islands.

If you want to stay away from the crowd, you can check in to a luxurious resort providing private beach access or you can take a speedboat to unexplored islets. Because Vietnam visa is so easy and quick to acquire, you can be sitting at one of the Vietnam beaches in just a week of reading this article.

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