Follow These Travel Tips For Your Vietnam Vacation For A Hassle-Free Experience

Vietnam is emerging as a popular and fast-rising tourist destination. The vast and vivid Vietnamese landscape may leave you strolling along the beach in the morning and sliding along a sand dune in the evening. Vietnam is a country with awe-inspiring natural beauty and war-torn yet rich cultural history.
Traveling to Vietnam could be absolutely delightful. Thanks to the Vietnamese government’s 2017 policy, you can now benefit from Vietnam visa on arrival. This facility not only saves your precious time but also is extremely convenient, as you just have to fill an online form to acquire the arrival letter. Once you get the arrival letter, you can travel to Vietnam and get it verified and stamped.

So, the days of waiting for tens of days and dealing with the visa executives are gone, and you can avail Vietnam visa without any hassle. If you are traveling to Vietnam soon, consider these following travel tips for a smooth vacation in Vietnam.

Learn A Few Vietnamese Words

Well, if you go to visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you will come across a large number of English speaking people. However, in smaller towns and villages, very few people understand the language completely. They only understand the meaning of a few popular words. So, it is a wise idea to learn a few common Vietnamese words and phrases for hotels, food, petrol, bathroom, water, etc.

Be Prepared For Tropical Weather

Because of Vietnam’s proximity to the equator, it experiences a tropical climate. Torrential rainfall during the rainy season may not be like by most of the tourists. Carry an umbrella, airy and cotton clothes, a light jacket, mosquito repellant, and a good pair of shoes.

Wi-Fi, Money And Electricity

The official currency of Vietnam is VND or Vietnamese Dollars. Some places accept USD as well but every place will use VND. If you are going to remote areas, it is better to keep cash with you as there are no ATMs in such places. You can also exchange money from jewelry shops for good exchange rates.

We recommend you to carry a universal travel adaptor, and all plug points are rated for 220V AC current.  Wi-Fi connectivity is decent in Vietnam with Wi-Fi available in most of the restaurants and public places.

Tipping at the restaurant is optional

In your country, giving tips to the waiter at a restaurant might be a common practice. However, in Vietnam, paying tips is not necessary. So, if you receive a change against your bill, feel free to keep the money in your pocket instead of leaving it for the waiter.

Take Your Visa Seriously

Yes, getting a Vietnam visa is very easy. But, if you do not have the right and valid documents, you might get turned away. Be polite to the immigration executives and check at least two times to ensure you have all the required documents for your visa on arrival.

Also, check if you need a visa at all. If you are a citizen of the U.K., Germany, Thailand, Iceland, Singapore, and 20 other countries, you are allowed to arrive in the country without your Vietnam visa.

Booking Online Can Be Expensive

Vietnamese love bargaining and business. So, if you book your stay online, you lose the chance of finding a cheaper deal by bargaining. You can always negotiate for a lower price. Since online price is fixed, booking online does not ensure the cheapest stay.

Additionally, not all picturesque hotels are available online. You should talk to the hotels to find out about such hotels.

Always Bargain

Bargain everywhere from buying fruits and souvenirs to booking hotels and day trips. The locals are likely to charge more from the tourists for a few extra bucks. You must also hide all the things that make you look richer like jewelry, big banknotes, loaded wallets, watches, and cell phones.

You will be shocked at how inflated the prices are. One tip is to quote a maximum price you are willing to pay and stick to it. This way, you will save a lot of money while shopping.

Key Takeaway

Always take care of your belongings. No, there are no thefts, murders, or sexual assaults, but pickpocketing is quite common just like every country. Just keep all your valuable belongings out of locals’ sight and opt for keeping your expensive items in different pockets and bags. Strap your cameras and valuables to your body to avoid theft.

The most popular way to commute in Vietnam is motorbike. So, do not shy away from renting two-wheelers to explore the country. You should always book the train tickets from the railway station instead of asking your hotel to book them for you, as they charge extra.

Because of an easy process to acquire Vietnam visa, it is becoming a well-known tourist destination for people who are looking to explore the natural beauty and vibrant culture.