Types of Vietnam Visas You Should Be Acquainted With

Traveling is a way of living. You live a little more and learn a lot more when you go through unexplored roads and meet new people. Psychologists suggest that traveling to different states or countries at least once in a year can add more days to your life.

Giving yourself a chance to redeem from the strenuous lifestyle and heading towards a destination that can calm and rejuvenate your senses is the greatest justice you can do to yourself. Whether it is traveling for the purpose of sightseeing, studying, or starting a business, it is important to select a destination that adheres to your requirements.

Situated at the easternmost corner of Indochina peninsula, Vietnam is a popular tourist destination that is also famous for its varied business opportunities. When it comes to Vietnam visa for Indians, there are plenty of things to remember. From the application process, eligibility, type to acquiring the approval letter, you have to extra careful while completing each and every step.

Vietnam Visa Types

While applying for Vietnam visa for Indians, it is important to understand that there are more than one types of visas available. The type majorly depends on the purpose of the visit. Hence, it is important to understand the purpose behind your visit and determine the type of visa you would require. Follow the instruction regarding application for dedicated visa type.


Before filling up the form, take a look at the different forms of Vietnam visa. Take a deep look and determine which would best suit your purpose of visit.

Tourist Visa

A most popular type of visa, tourist visas are used by travelers who intend to visit the country for sightseeing purpose. Those who want to explore the country would plan their stay for a few days. Tourist visas are further divided into two types that are, 30 days single and multiple entry visa. In case you want to stay a little longer and relish the beauty of Vietnam without extending your visa at the last minute; then you should think about a 3-month business visa.

Tourist Visa Extension

It is important to note that tourist visas can only be extended for 30 days that too once. It might seem like a strenuous process to do everything on your own. Hence, it is recommended to seek assistance from a tour agency and extend your visa the easy way. It generally takes two to three days to complete the extension process.

Business Visa

If you are planning business in Vietnam or intend to visit the country for work purposes, then a business visa would be required. Business visas are generally valid for three to six months. They are easy to acquire visa type, but there might be a slight difference in the fees compared to other types of visas. A business visa permits citizens for the purpose of work only. It is important to understand that in order to work inside the territory of Vietnam, you must be equipped with a business visa with the necessary timeline.

Student Visa

If you are a student who is wishing to study in Vietnam, then a student visa would be required to make your stay legal in the country. Once you have acquired the official admission letter from the concerned school, you can apply for the student visa. Generally, a student visa is prepared after coming to Vietnam. The general processes to visit on a tourist visa, enroll in an educational program and make further changes in the visa. It is advised to seek assistance from a travel agency in order to avoid any hassle.

Transit Visa

Transit visa issued for those who are visiting the country for a shorter period of time (few hours or days). Indian citizens who have connecting flights or sea with Vietnam are the ones who majorly apply for a transit visa. Transit visa can be provided for a maximum of five days and not more than that. The transit visa is issued by the department of immigration who will thoroughly check your itinerary.

Re-Entry Visa

When Vietnam visa for Indians is used for re-entry purposes, then the re-entry visa is taken into consideration. If you reach Vietnam, decide to travel to another country and return back to Vietnam, then a re-entry would suffice. A re-entry visa is prepared before leaving Vietnam, or you will have to complete the entire application process again. Seeking assistance from a registered travel agent is considered beneficial in completing the paperwork.

Vietnam is more than its scenic beauty. The country is filled with varied business opportunities and educational institutes that make Indians visit and in Vietnam. While the government has made the visa regulation quite simpler, it is important to determine the correct type of visa and steer your efforts towards acquiring it. Vietnam visa cheap for Indians can only be acquired after determining the correct type that will help you streamline the process accordingly.

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