Common Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Vietnam Visa

Escaping the bustling city lives and give your soul a serene timeout now and then is highly essential. Even if you are not a wanderlust type, traveling to unexplored places at least once in a while is proven to enhance your personality in the long run. It gives cultural exposure and capability to live in different circumstances.

Vietnam is a popular peninsular country located at the easternmost corner of Indochina peninsula. Thronged with tourists throughout the year, you can always think about Vietnam when you are planning a trip outside India.

Apart from the backpacking and acquiring the budget to travel, there are many official factors that need to be completed. Passport and visa are two of the most important official components that help you fly across the country legally. When it comes to Vietnam visa for Indians, people often consider it as a strenuous process that involves chains of steps, procedures, and days of wait. Such misconceptions often lead to mistakes that create discrepancies in the application and approval process. Though the Vietnam government has streamlined the visa regulations for the travelers, there are some common mistakes witnessed during the application process. The process of acquiring a visa upon arrival is hassle-free, yet visitors tend to make some glitches that can exhaust their time and efforts.

Let’s discuss some of the common mistakes revolving around Vietnam visa for Indians. Take note of these glitches and make sure you don’t commit them when you apply for Vietnam visa.

Not Applying Online

Vietnam government visa application consists of two approaches; online application and offline stamping at the airport. Most of the people are not aware of this approach, and they end up making a mistake of not applying online and reaching the airport directly. Visitors need to fill an application form, acquire an approval letter, and bring it at the time of arrival for stamping.

Waiting at Vietnamese Border To Receive Visa

Visa on arrival facility has been provided by the Vietnamese government to ease traveler’s hassle and give them the ease to get their visa stamped on arrival. This facility is only provided to travelers who travel by air and reach any Vietnam airport. Travelers who arrive in Vietnam by road and sea are not eligible for the “visa on arrival feature.” Those who come by road or sea should collect their visa by visiting the nearest consulate or embassy.

Spelling and Typos

Even the slightest mistake and negligence can bring you unnecessary tasks that can be strenuous and frustrating. People often commit spelling mistakes and typos while filling the online application. After filling the online application form, you will receive an approval letter that will mention all your personal data. The visa-issuing officer will cross check whether all the information listed in the letter matches to your documents. The discrepancies in the information can get you into serious trouble as visas are legally sensitive issues.

Overlooking the Date of Arrival and Validity of Visa

A common misconception a majority of travelers have in their mind after receiving the approval letter is that they think they can now arrive at the airport anytime for stamping. The rules regarding the arrival and stamping are cleared during the time of providing the approval letter. When you fill the application form, there is a section for arrival date which you need to fill in according to your preference and itinerary. Visitors have to reach the Vietnam International airport on the date- -of arrival and get their visas stamped in order to avoid any legal glitch.

Extension of Visa


Visa extensions are always surrounded by misconceptions. Whether it is Vietnam or any other country, extending visas are still a confusing area for many. There’s no doubt in asserting that Vietnam is brimmed with scenic beauty and traveler would like to extend their stay to relish the place for few more days. Travelers often think that extending a visa is like a mere walk in the park, but in reality, it requires a series of pre-planned procedures. In order to safeguard your interests from the last-minute hustle, you can apply for a three-month visa rather than 30 days traveler’s one.

Vietnam is certainly a country to be explored. While the visa process is considered confusing, the common mistakes are neglected. The Vietnamese government’s visa regulations, that consist of the facility of visa on arrival, has made it easier for travelers to acquire a visa within a few steps. There are no presumably hindrances that can restrict your visa process. There are some little mistakes that, at times, delay your visa process.

People are not even aware that visa mistakes exist. Adhere to the above mentioned common mistakes that are witnessed while applying for a visa. Be a smart citizen and Make sure you don’t make such errors while applying for Vietnam visa cheap for Indians.

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