How To Go To Ha Long City From Ha Noi Capital? 

Ha Long Bay is the World Heritage Site which is in validation of UNESCO. This amazing destination is famous of many wonderful and majestic landscapes, so many travelers desire to visit Ha Long Bay while coming to Vietnam. Let’s see how to use transportation to go to Ha Long city from Ha Noi. 

By limousine bus 

Taking a bus will be a suitable choice for those who desire to arrive Ha Long Bay safely. It just takes you about 150km within only 3 hours. There are so many options that you can choose and limousine is a kind of luxury bus with cheap price and convenient equipment.

  • Limousine Tam Bao Anh
  • Phone number: 0961802802
  • Bus ticket: 180.000 – 220.000 VND/pax (8-10 USD). Depending the seat that you choose, the price will be changed a bit.

Limousine Green Lion Bus 

  • Phone number: 0984709669
  • Bus ticket: 170.000 – 240.000 VND/pax (7-10 USD). The price will be changed a bit because of the type of seat that you choose.

For limousine bus, there are just 9-16 big seats and many provided services such as wifi network, air condition, television… Due to its convenience, you will have nice time to visit Ha Long Bay.

By motorbike 

Taking a motorbike would be an interesting experience for those who are really excited for strong feelings. The way to go to Ha Long Bay is not easy and not too difficult, you can totally drive yourself to get there. Especially, you will have a chance to see Vietnam’s beauty along every road.

By train 

Taking a train is also one of options that you can consider. It would be safer and but a bit longer. The train will take you about 5 hours to get Ha Long train station.

Ha Long Express Train 

The departure time from Gia Lam station (Ha Noi): 7:05AM

The departure time from Ha Long station (Ha Long): 3:00 PM

Train ticket: 10 – 15 USD/pax

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