How To Go To Hoi An From Da Nang City? 

Hoi An is an ancient town which is very attractive and famous of its peaceful beauty as well as diverse cultures of Vietnam. Besides Da Nang, you can take some days to visit Hoi An where it just takes you about 30km.

By bus 

In order to promote the tourism development, the public bus has been used for taking every traveler to visit Hoi An easily. You just need to go to the bus station in Da Nang and wait for every 20 minutes to take a bus. After 1 hour, you will arrive Hoi An bus station.

Bus ticket: 25.000 VND/pax (1.2 USD)

Many travelers choose to use this kind of transportation because of its convenience and cheap price.

By motorbike 

Taking a motorbike would be an interesting experience for those who are used to driving motorbike and desire to see the beauty of Da Nang on the way to Hoi An.

The way to get there is quite easy and beautiful, you will be driving along the beach through big roads, so it’s not difficult to drive by yourself.

From Da Nang central, it just takes you 45 minutes to go to Hoi An.

In addition, you can also stop somewhere that you want to give a visit while driving a motorbike.

Motorbike for rent: 100.000 – 150.000 VND/day (4-7 USD)

By grab car or taxi 

If you are used to using transportation app while traveling somewhere, grab app would be convenient for you. You can download it and book a car to go to Hoi An with the price shown in the app, then paying for it in cash after arrival.

If not, you can easily take a taxi to Hoi An. The price would be 350.000 – 450.000 VND/4-seat or 7-seat car (15-20 USD), it would be cheap for a group that you all can share each other.

In addition, if you want to see more useful information such as where to go, what to eat in Hoi An, how to use transportation in Hoi An, etc.  you can go to our website to give a visit.

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