How To Go To Ha Giang From Ha Noi?

Ha Giang – the northernmost point of Vietnam with many beautiful and majestic landscapes. Coming to the North, you should not miss this amazing destination. Let’s see how to use transportation to visit Ha Giang: 

By bus

From Ha Noi capital, it takes about 300km to Ha Giang. Therefore, taking a bus is the most suitable choice to visit this place within 7 hours. There are so many options that you can choose:

Hai Van bus company

  • Price ticket: 200.000 VND/person (9 USD)
  • The departure time from Ha Noi: 8:30PM
  • The departure time from Ha Giang: 8:30PM
  • Phone number: 024 38 717171

Ngoc Cuong bus company

  • The departure time from Ha Noi: 7AM, 11:30AM, 1PM, 4PM, 20:30PM, 21:30PM
  • The departure time from Ha Giang: 7AM, 8:30AM, 11:30AM, 4PM, 8:30PM, 9:30PM
  • Price ticket: 200.000 VND/hard sleeper (9 USD) and 300.000 VND/luxury bus (13 USD)
  • Phone number: 0904 366279

By motorbike

The way to Ha Giang is not easy for those who are not used to driving the motorbike. However, driving yourself to visit this place would be much more interesting than taking a bus. Vietnam’s beauty will be shown on every road, you will be diving into wonderful and majestic mountains of Ha Giang. Let’s try experiencing if you can.

In order to visit Ha Giang, you can just take a bus or motorbike. Train is not available in this province, so you can’t take it.

In addition, if you want to ask for other useful tips for your trip such as where to go in Ha Giang, what to eat, how to use transportation in Ha Giang, etc. you can access our website to see more detailed information.

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