Best Places to Enjoy a Drink In Can Tho

Can Tho is the capital of the Mekong Delta region and is now slowly becoming a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. Although this city is known for its laid back vibe, more and more bars are now popping up in the city, along with some posh restaurants and pubs.

So when visiting Can Tho and you feel like going out at night to enjoy a good drink, here are some of the best places to check out.

1. Gemini Pub

Opened since 2013, the Gemini Pub has slowly become a big hit in Can Tho. This bar features a modern setting with cozy interiors and their menu consists of a large selection of imported beers and wine. The bar has all your favorite cocktail drinks and beer, including Tiger, Sapporo, Heineken, and more. Open from 6 AM to 2:30 AM, the Gemini Pub is on Le Loi Street, just across the Can Tho Stadium. Try to visit during the weekends, where you can catch some local DJs and musicians performing in the bar.

2. Holiday One Sky Bar

Can Tho is home to a few sky bars and one of these is the Holiday One Sky bar, which is basically the in-house bar of the Holiday One Hotel. This bar is very popular in the city, thanks to its open-air rooftop setting that opens to the beautiful views of the city. There’s also a swimming pool by the rooftop bar, which makes it a great venue for poolside parties. If you want to relax after a whole day of exploring Can Tho, head to this bar and order one of their premium liquor and spirits. Some of their cocktail drinks are infused with Mekong ingredients and are definitely worth a try. Aside from delicious drinks, Holiday One Sky Bar also serves authentic Vietnamese foods.

3. Iris Skybar

Another popular sky bar in Can Tho is the Iris Sky Bar at Iris Hotel. This bar is centrally located and a great spot to enjoy the most amazing sunset views in Can Tho. During the night, the bar is filled with the trendiest crowds. This is where you can meet and hang out with the younger crowds and interact with fellow tourists as well. The menu consists of a wide range of cocktails, spirits, beer, and wines. Despite the posh setting, you’d be pleased to know that the prices here are very affordable.

4. L’Escale

L’Escale is the in-house bar and restaurant of Nam Bo Hotel located at the hotel’s 4th-floor terrace. The restaurant serves some of the finest French and Vietnamese cuisines, along with a great selection of drinks. This upscale bar and restaurant are known for its romantic setting with views that opens to the nearby river. It’s a great spot to dine with your significant other, or perhaps indulge in a glass or two of cocktails as you soak up the lovely views.

5. Nam Do

Nam Do is another popular restaurant in Can Tho that also serves a selection of wine and cocktail drinks. This restaurant specializes in Mekong specialty dishes. So if you want to get a taste of the local cuisines, this is where you should go. Aside from local dishes, Nam Do also serves Asian and Chinese dishes. This waterfront restaurant features beautiful colonial interiors, with a cozy atmosphere. It’s a great spot to dine with friends and family after a whole day of exploring the city.

6. Tiny Corner Café

The Tiny Corner Cafe is a famous hangout spot of the younger crowds in Can Tho. Here, you can have a chat and share a drink or two with some locals who are trying to hone their skills of the English language. You can ask them about their local culture and pretty much anything you want to know about Can Tho. Although this place is mainly a cafe, it also doubles as a bar. On some days, they would treat their customers to some live acoustic music performances by the city’s top musicians. So if you are feeling bored and have run out of things to do in Can Tho, simply head to this place.

7. Can Tho Night Market

If you don’t want to visit some fancy bars or restaurants to enjoy a good drink, check out the Can Tho Night Market. Here, you’ll find several stalls where you can order a bottle of beer along with some Vietnamese delicacies. Located at Hai Ba Trung Street, the Can Tho Night Market is also a great spot to shop for affordable souvenirs, handicrafts, traditional clothing, accessories, and more. If you get thirsty or hungry after exploring the long line of shops, simply grab a chair at one of the stalls and order an ice-cold beer. What’s great about drinking at this place is that the food and drinks are extremely affordable compared to the fancy bars and restaurants.

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