Best Jogging Places in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is a bustling metropolis that’s home to about 13 million people. As the largest city of Vietnam, the streets of Ho Chi Minh are extremely busy and chaotic. Thus, you cannot just go out there and run by the sidewalk just like you probably would back home. Doing so can be pretty dangerous since there are some motorbikes that would run through the sidewalks and pavements!

But that should not stop you from getting a good run outdoors during your trip to the city. Your best bet is to head to the local parks and spacious grounds. Below is a list of the best jogging places in Ho Chi Minh.

1. District 1 Parks

Most of Ho Chi Minh’s tourist attractions are concentrated in the District 1 area. So if you are to decide where to stay in Ho Chi Minh on your trip, look for hotels close to District 1. That way, you can simply walk towards the historic sites, such as the Independence Palace and War Remnants Museum. If you’re into jogging, staying at District 1 will also be to your advantage because this district is home to some beautiful parks where you can have your morning run.

Tao Dan Park, which is connected towards the park that surrounds the Independence Palace, is a great place for jogging, away from the chaotic streets. Another option is at the Le Van Tam Park, which is around 20-min walk away from the Independence Palace. As you run through these parks, you’ll be rewarded with the beautiful views of well-manicured gardens and trees, and come across some locals doing all sorts of activities.

2. Phu My Hung, District 7

Located not far from District 1, Phu My Hung is a less polluted district that is much quieter than those districts in the city center. This recently developed area has a vibrant expat community and home to some shopping malls, hotels, and condominiums. Here, the roads are cleaner and wider, which makes for a great spot for running. In fact, you could meet several other joggers along the way.

When jogging at Phu My Hung, start at the Crescent Mall area and run towards Tôn Dật Tiên where you’ll be passing along a golf course. Follow the paths beside the manmade Crescent shape lake and run towards the roads on the east. Then pass along the Starlight Bridge at West Phu My Hung.  If you run further, you’ll reach Ho Ban Nguyet Park. This park has about 2-km long riverfront that includes garden paths and decent streets heading towards the RMIT University.

Phu Nhuan District

Ho Chi Minh’s Phu Nhuan District is an urban district that’s home to some universities and schools. Here, you’ll find some small parks, which are suitable enough for a short run. The Gia Dinh Park, for instance, has nicely manicured paths located along the side of Dặng Văn Sâm Street. This path is around 2 km long and you can run back and forth for a few minutes worth of exercise. If you venture further, you’ll find a sports complex that has a tennis court and pool. There’s also a soccer field and a wide grassy area that’s suitable for running.

For a much longer run in Phu Nhuan District, check out the Tan Binh District, which is home to the Quan Khu 7 Stadium. This stadium has an outdoor oval running track where you can get a good run. There’s an adjacent park called the Hoàng Văn Thụ Park that has some decent paths for running, so you may want to check that out.

4. Le Thi Rieng Park, District 10

If you want to venture off the beaten path, head to District 10 and check out the Le Thi Rieng Park. This park features a beautiful path that’s lined with eucalyptus trees and poplar trees. The path should be around 2 kilometers long and you’ll be passing along a small lake and into some wooden bridges. There’s an amusement in this park but some portions are left open, which allows runners to pass through.

If you prefer a much longer run, head north towards Phạm Văn Hai where you’ll find a running path that’s around 0.5 km long and goes towards the canal in District 3. Here, there are sidewalks and paths that go east towards District 1. If you run further, you’ll reach the narrow alleys and streets of District 5, which is known as Cholon. You can continue running if you don’t mind the busy streets, especially those areas between the An Dong Markets and Binh Tay.

As you can see, it’s definitely possible to run outdoors in Ho Chi Minh despite the traffic and chaos. Just try to go early and make sure you bring enough water to keep you hydrated since Ho Chi Minh can get very hot and humid.

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