Best Seafood Dishes to Eat In Vietnam

The best way to enjoy Vietnam is to also get a taste of its local food. Although you can enjoy delicious and affordable Vietnamese foods all over the country, you need to visit the coastal regions if you want to get a taste of the finest seafood dishes in Vietnam. For instance, the beach resort town of Mui Ne is home to several beachside restaurants serving the freshest seafood dishes. But before you visit these restaurants, it may be a good idea to get yourself acquainted with the different seafood dishes in Vietnam. Below is a list of the most recommended seafood dishes to eat during your trip to the country.

1. Bánh Khọt (Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes)

Bánh Khọt is crispy and savory miniature pancakes topped with shrimp and some diced onions. The pancake batter is made of rice flour and some leftover rice plus a hint of turmeric. It’s then mixed with coconut milk in order to make the batter extra rich and creamy. These miniature pancakes are then cooked in a pancake griddle. They are very savory and crispy and are often served with fresh herbs and green leafy veggies. This is one of those dishes that Vietnamese locals are really passionate about and would eat them as appetizers or snacks.

2. Goi Muc (Vietnamese Squid Salad)

Goi Muc is a classic Vietnamese salad recipe featuring authentic Vietnamese flavors. It’s a simple recipe yet it’s bursting with so many flavors. The salad dressing that features a fish sauce goes well with the sweetness of the carrots and the juicy squid. Other ingredients are onions, mint leaves, chili, sesame crackers, ginger, garlic, and lime. Goi Muc is a popular dish served during dinner parties and get-togethers and you’ll find this salad is served in various restaurants all over Vietnam.

3. Canh Chua Cá (Vietnamese Fish Soup)

Canh Chua Cá is a Vietnamese fish soup that’s cooked using the entire parts of a fish. The bones are extracted for the broth and the fillets are added as final ingredients, which is why you can really taste the full flavor of the fish upon your first sip. The fish head is also added on the pot to make it even more flavorful. Canh Chua Cá is served at the start of every meal and it’s a favorite soup that locals partake any time of the year, even during the hot summer days. Aside from the fish as its main ingredient, this soup is also made with tomatoes, ginger, and fish sauce.

4. Cá Kho Tộ (Vietnamese Clay pot Fish)

Catfish are commonly eaten in Vietnam since its widely available. The fish is cooked in many ways although the most popular is Cá Kho Tộ or the Vietnamese Clay Pot Fish. This dish is a Classic Southern Vietnamese cuisine since this is where the catfish is plentiful. Thus, you’ll commonly find this dish being served in the restaurants of the Mekong Delta region. The meat of the freshwater fish is caramelized by cooking it in garlic and sugar in order to make this dish. A common practice is to get the meat and make them into fillet before cooking. The tails and heads are then made into soups.

5. Bún Riêu (Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup)

Just like Pho, Bún riêu is another popular Vietnamese soup served in various local restaurants in Vietnam. This rice noodle soup is made with vermicelli noodles and cooked in several herbs and vegetables although the highlight of the dish is the gach, which is made from pounded baby crabs. The soup is also made with tomatoes and pork-based broth. Another unique ingredient that this dish has is the fermented shrimp paste, which might smell funny, but can surprisingly help to make the soup taste even more delicious.

6. Tôm Rim (Vietnamese Caramelized Shrimp)

If you’re into shrimps, you better order the Tôm Rim or caramelized shrimp at some of the seafood restaurants in Vietnam. This dish is sweet and savory and goes perfectly well with a serving of steamed rice. Tom Rim is cooked in several different varieties and combinations although the ingredients consist mainly of sugar, salt, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and ground pepper. You’ll love the salty and sweet combination of this dish, which complements well with the neutral taste of the steamed white rice. The sauce penetrates deep into the shrimps to give it maximum flavor.

7. Cua Rang Muối (Vietnamese Salted Crab)

Crabs are cooked in various ways in Vietnam, but one of the most favorite crab recipes in Vietnam is the Cua Rang Me or the salted crabs. Aside from the crabs, the main ingredients used for this dish are freshly cracked black pepper, chili peppers, coarse sea salt, onions, and tapioca starch. If you love seafood, most especially crabs, you’ll absolutely fall for this dish!

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