6 Essentials to Take Home as Souvenirs from Vietnam

Everyone loves to bring back a souvenir once in a while after their trip. From striking ornaments to mouthwatering foodstuff, you can pack a lot from your trip to Vietnam. Vietnam has a wide selection of tasteful mementos that will keep reminding you of the hospitality, cultural heritage and picturesque moments you enjoyed on your tour. Heading home with the best souvenirs from Vietnam requires a little bit of knowledge and appreciation for traditional Vietnamese artworks.

Souvenir shopping in Vietnam is a whole cultural experience for every tourist. The beautiful handicrafts, traditional artifacts, handmade embroideries, you are sure to be spoilt of choice. There are many shopping malls, markets, stalls, and even street vendors almost everywhere in Vietnam where you can get the best deals on souvenirs. I hope you are not contemplating to get the snake wine as your souvenir because that will surely put you in trouble with immigration.

Here are six essentials you can carry back home with from your Vietnamese tour:

1. Vietnamese Ceramic and Pottery

Ceramic products are popular in Vietnam and can be a perfect souvenir for you to take home with you. The Vietnamese have beautiful varieties of ceramic and pottery that are handcrafted by trained locals. You can easily find lacquer vases and ceramic vases in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and colors. All Vietnamese pottery and ceramics are inspired by tradition. Remember to handle them carefully when traveling.

The places in Vietnam famous for ceramic and pottery products are Bat Trang and Phu Land pottery villages. They produce vases, dishes, and bowls for domestic and international markets. They’ll also give you a chance to experience pottery making once you visit.

2. Vietnamese Silk Embroidery

The history of silk embroidery in Vietnam goes way back. The country is renowned for its naturally woven textiles. Embroidery is a form of art in Vietnam, and the country has exemplary artists who have mastered the art of making silk fabrics. Here you can get quality silk painting and suits, scarfs or clothes with beautiful patterns in various sizes and colors. The aesthetically intricate embroidered canvasses can be ideal gifts to bring to your loved ones at home. Silk embroidery arts crafted on traditional handlooms are commonly found in Van Phuc and Hoi An.

3. Vietnamese Conical Hat (Non la)

The Non la is a familiar traditional accessory that symbolizes the origin of the Vietnamese people. The 100% handmade hat plays a significant role in the lives of Vietnamese people, particularly farmers. It protects them from heat and rain and also emphasizes the charm and elegance of the Vietnamese especially when used together with the ao ba ba and ao dai. Farmers also wear conic hats as accessories when going to pagodas and festivals. The hats are crafted from bamboo and palm cataphylls. The style of the hat varies with region, and they are crafted in various types such as Non Ba Tam and Non Quai Thao.

Vietnam has a wide selection of conical hats to choose from. They can craft custom hats for your souvenir. The people of Hoi An city and Chuong village are highly known for crafting stylized conical hats. They are found in all souvenir shops and markets across the country.

4. Vietnamese Coffee and Coffee filter

vietnamese coffee on restaurant table

Vietnamese coffee is known widely known, most especially because of its style of preparation. The locals brew their coffee in tin coffee filters, a process that is slow but the outcome leaves you craving for more. The coffee drips slowly from the filter to the glass with added condensed milk or egg. The Vietnamese iced milk coffee or egg coffee is one to yearn for.

Since you cannot get enough of this coffee, buy some local Vietnamese coffee powder together with the traditional tin filter and condensed milk to authenticate your take-home coffee experience. Let your friends back home feel and enjoy the unique thick brew and strong taste of Vietnam’s Cà phê sữa đá which is easy to make. You can buy them in Hanoi.

5. Vietnamese Traditional Dried Foods

Vietnam has spectacular foods and desserts that are made with provincial specialties and homegrown ingredients such as durian, peanuts, and coconuts. They come in distinct textures and designs, and irresistible novel flavors. Traditional desserts from west Vietnam come as crackers, dried fruits and candies drenched in creamy coconut milk.

The O Mai is Hanoi’s specialty of salted or sugared dried fruits with chili, lime and ginger added to give a harmonious spicy, sour, sweet and salty taste. O Mai is made from fruits including apricots, plums, dracontomelum, peaches, kumquats, tamarind, star-fruits, mangos, and pineapples. It is a snack mostly taken with a cup of lotus tea during the Tet holiday. More specialties of dried foods from Vietnam include delicious dried squid, fish and beef jerky, dried lotus seeds, dried coconut meat and more.

Various locations like Dalat, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are agricultural areas you can find delicious snacks and healthy herbal infusions to carry home as souvenirs. There are plenty of them in market stalls and supermarkets.

6. Sand Paintings

Sand painting is an art that is native to most parts of Vietnam. The talented locals create sophisticated artworks from natural colors and the sand collected from beaches and dunes across the country. The paintings are made by pouring colorful sand in special vases/mugs or between two glass panes. They keep the sand in place by pressing it and securing the top with silicon. The sand layers then form a fascinating work of art that is unique.

It is said that excellent lacquer products undergo 20 stages to produce intricate designs of finished items such as vases, bowls, craft dishes and more. It takes artists years of practice to blow life into these sands to create the mesmerizing artworks you see on the shelves. Pictures of Vietnam’s natural landscape are embedded in each piece.

A sand painting is a unique keepsake you want to take home with you from your Vietnam trip. You can have it custom made with features like a family photo, unique Vietnam landscapes and more. It is going to be an excellent inclusion to your home dĂ©cor in appreciation of the finest craftsmanship of Vietnam. You’ll find sand paintings in souvenir shops across the country.

Vietnam is a country that is flooded with diverse cultures, traditions, and markets. Every place in this country provides its own distinct experience. The souvenir collection in Vietnam is overwhelming, with each being unique from the other. The people here are talented, with a passion for preserving their traditions and cultures by expressing them through art. You can entice yourself with all their exotic and charming souvenirs to remind you of the memorable trip you took to Vietnam.

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