5 Unimaginable Reasons To Visit Nha Trang

Nha Trang, Vietnam, is seemingly the best place for tourists to bask in the sun and enjoy the summer holidays with their loved ones, families or even friends. This gorgeous seaside town is the capital of Khanh Hoa province and is situated in the south-central coast of Vietnam. Nha Trang gloats of its popularity among tourists that took root because of its majestic beaches that offer fun-filled experiences for families as well as diverse relaxing conditions for visitors to enjoy.

Considered as one of the most gorgeous bays in the world, the town comprises of a 4-kilometer-long main strip of blissful beaches and covers an area of about 420km2 with as most as 19 islands within its boundaries.

Nha Trang therefore, secures unique and unimaginable qualities that foster tourists with many reasons as to why they should visit the town for them to get a taste of the good things in an exquisite lifestyle.

1. Blissful beaches

Imagine the warm and smooth beach sand cuddling your feet and weaving its way through your toes giving you that tingling sensation you only get to experience at a luxurious beachfront. The Nha Trang beach in particular takes on a crescent-like and stretches for about 6 kilometers expressing a lovely white terrain. The beach is easily accessible by foot from the city making it favorable for romantic walks along the palm-tree lined path or suitable for family picnics as well as people-watching during the lazy afternoon.

2. Exciting island adventures

If you’re a sports enthusiast looking to indulge in stimulating activities, then Nha Trang is the place meant for you. Scuba dive deep into the cobalt-blue waters and explore the underwater ecosystem which looks a lot better in person than it does on your flat screen HD television.

Experience Vinpearl Water Park island at its best with an amazing amusement park to explore and a top-class golf course for tourists to expand their knowledge and skills in swinging a long stick. Investigate the caves and deep tunnels of Octopus Rock which is just off the coast. They will give you something to talk about once you’re able to squeeze in through. Best of all, this stunning island is accessible via a cable car ride ensuring you that the time spent getting to know the coast began with a ride of a lifetime.

3. The Seafood capital

The sea off the coast is filled with a diverse number of marine life that provides fresh and exquisite seafood to the town hence giving it the name, Seafood capital. Charm your taste buds as you dig into delicacies such as prawns, pan-fried squid, crab, grilled red snapper, seafood hot pots and rice vermicelli with jellyfish. Going hungry in Nha Trang isn’t an option as the city offers a variety of eateries, restaurants and upmarket hotels.

4. Top-notch nightlife

Nha Trang will always give you inspiring reasons to stay up late even after a long day of exploration activities. If there is one thing that this town can do best, it’s throwing a party at its fantastic rooftop lounges, amazing beachfront dancefloors and spectacular nightclubs that are vibrant and full of energy. You will never be disappointed in case you run out of sleep in the middle of the night while in Nha Trang as there is always an international DJ taking the stage of a sky deck at the top floor of Havana Hotel ready to entertain people on the wonders of good quality music.

5. Relaxing mud baths

Mud baths and spas are located all over Nha Trang offering tourists a new, relaxing, ultimate experience different from the typical adventures during the day. Traveling to Nha Trang and missing a mud bath experience can be considered treason to the town. Dive into nutrient and mineral-rich clay that has amazing therapeutic and skin healing advantages. Spring for a shower in the cool waterfalls after you’re done and lastly, take a dip in the refreshing mineral pools guaranteed to disarm all levels of stress and muscle tension.

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