7 Things you didn’t know About Vietnamese Cuisine

Do you know that Vietnamese meals are one of the healthiest and tastiest in the world? Are you aware that it incorporates the five original flavors (sweet, sour, salty, hot, spicy, bitter) in the overall taste of a meal?

Well, a typical Vietnamese meal includes a bowl of steamed long-grain white rice, fresh herbs and vegetables, fish/seafood, meat, soup, and fish sauce and the cuisine is an essential part of Vietnam’s culture. Once you have your first bite of any dish, rest assured that you will get tempted to try out more meals, and you will fall in love with most of the recipes. You probably know about the famous Pho, but here are some fascinating things about the Vietnamese cuisine you need to know.


1. Meals Vary Regionally

Shaped like an ‘S’ Vietnam is a stretch of a country with north, central, and south direction. Its climate varies regionally determining the type of food available.

How the Meals Vary From One Region to the Other

– If you have been to China before, you will notice that there is so much Chinese influence on northern Vietnam Cuisine like the use of chopsticks, soy sauce, noodle-based soups, and stir-fried meals.

Dishes are less spicy because they get cooked using black pepper instead of chilies, the colder northern climate is not conducive for growing some ingredients.

– Central Vietnam’s cuisine is spicy, flavorful, and complex due to the significant elements produced in the region.

– Down south, the meals are sweeter due to the use of coconut milk and sugar in some dishes. You will still notice that the food is smooth and light, as it borrows some tips from Thailand and Cambodia.

2. Coffee

Vietnam is the world’s second largest producer of coffee, and it plays a vital role in the Vietnamese lives. The coffee is strong and flavorful, and it is the best drink to ignite your day. Since milk is scarce in Vietnam, you will notice that they use condensed milk and egg yolk to prepare it. You can take it either hot or iced. Try the egg yolk coffee which gets prepared using egg yolk, Robusta, sugar, and condensed milk, and you will like its creamy taste.

3. Animal blood soup is a delicacy

In some street food stalls, you will notice that they serve animal blood soup known as Tiet Canh. The blood comes from animals like ducks, dogs, pigs, or shrimps.

4. Use of fresh herbs and vegetables

Vietnam has over 70 types of herbs for example mint, coriander, lettuce, kaffir leaves, and apricot leaves. These pure ingredients make the meals healthy and delicious too. Some types of cuisines cannot get prepared without the herbs; otherwise, they won’t get tasty.

5. Boiled half-hatched duck eggs are a delicacy

It gets believed that when woman consume the eggs while pregnant their energy levels will increase. But anybody can eat them as they are tasty and nutritious and you will note that the eggs get eaten straight from the shell and get washed down with beer.

6. No preference for meat

The Vietnamese do not have a favorite type of meat, and you will see chicken, duck, pig, beef, and fish in most dishes.

7. All the body parts of an animal get eaten

The Vietnamese do not throw away any meat, and anything from animals gets considered edible. You will see ears, legs, skin, bones, and internal organs in various meals.

The moment you set your feet in Vietnam, you will enjoy the aromatic and yummy dishes you will get to eat. With these exciting things about the spectacular cuisine you now know what to expect. Go ahead and sample the delicious cuisine and you won’t regret it.