What to Do in Vung Tau city

Vung Tau city is best known for its beautiful display of beaches and one cannot have enough of it in a single day. Water sports activities such as kite surfing, kayaking, and sunbathing characterize the experience on the city of Vung Tau. Other surrounding landscapes are also avenues for hiking as you enjoy the city fresh air. The city is found a few kilometres from the busy and congested city of Ho Chi Minh. It is there a perfect getaway from someone who loves a quiet and serein atmosphere.

Here is what to do in Vung Tau city during your Vietnam travel to be worth of your time

Site visit the famous statue of Jesus Christ

You will find the famous statue which stands on mount Núi Nhỏ peak by visiting Vung Tau City. The advisable time for the best sight of the statue is during the sunrise. You can opt for taking photos to add to your wonderful memories during your Vietnam travel. The mountain also gives a great hiking experience for travellers visiting.

Feasting on the food from the beach restaurants

It will be nice to eat the seafood nicely prepared by the nearby local food vendors after sunbathing at the beach. Apart from the food the restaurants also have both soft and alcoholic drinks for quenching your thirst.

Other exciting beach activities to experience on the city are kite surfing, swimming and snorkeling.

Visiting the Ho May Ecotourism Park

The two places that will provide you with excellent eco-tourism experience in the Hồ Mây culture centre and the park. You will reach the park using the cable cars at a fee. You will also require to pay the entry charges to the park inclusive of the trips around the park. Among the activities to engage in while at the park include archery, water games and roller coasters among others. It’s more fun for a group visit or with family.


Hiking at the photogenic lighthouse is another exciting venture to engage in at Vung Tau city. Constructed back in the year 1862, the lighthouse is the oldest in the country. The lighthouse was built by the French powers as a viewpoint for the arriving trade ships. The lighthouse provides a perfect environment for a photo session as the view is great. Do not be worried when night falls as the joint allows night visits.

Sightseeing at the Vung Tau market

Vung Tau has several marketplaces with approachable traders willing to exchange their commodities at a cost. The market provides for several items that include foodstuffs, ornaments, beauty products among others. Within the market, areas are plenty of street food vendor and restaurants. There you find all kinds of local Vietnamese meals including seafood in thi market. Actually, Vung Tau has a popular association for having the best seafood meals served. Tourists also stay through to the night and enjoy the local night lifestyle. A variety of drinks are served including the popular Vietnamese wine.