What to Do in Da Lat

Da Lat town is relatively younger compared to the rest of the towns in Vietnam. The town has many tourists’ attractions despite that including historical constructions. Most of the historical buildings found here were built at the time of the French invaders. Apart from the buildings, the town has natural features such as waterfalls, mountain peaks and lakes among its attractions. Travelling within the town is easy using commuter buses, boat and motor rides. You may as well opt to walk on foot when dealing with short distances. That way you will see and experience the culture of the Vietnamese people.

Here is what to do in Da Lat

Visiting the crazy house

You will have wasted your trip to Da Lat if you left without visiting the famous art gallery and Hang Nga guest house. The monument has a unique construction looking like a tree and thus earned the name Crazy house. The guest house was designed by  Dang Viet Nga who is an architect.

The guest house has a unique theme for every room and has more than fifteen rooms. Among the things you will find within the guest house include ladders, bears, concrete kangaroos and tigers.

Enjoy a short train rides

Da Lat has a train station with a steam train operating along the rail ferrying travellers from one centre to another. The rides are often exciting and joyous, especially for the tourists. The train has a capacity of a maximum of 5 people per trip and makes only five tips within a day. Take a ride to Trai Mat village nearby to experience Vietnam’s county side life.

Visiting Datanla waterfalls

Datanla waterfalls are popular and the most visited tourist centre in Da Lat. The sounds the water makes as it splashes unto the stones below is a breathtaking scene. If you love thriller experience then you can aim for a ride on the waterfalls from the top. Watching the surrounding vegetation, listening to birds singing as the wind softly massage your skin is an intriguing experience. Other than the Dantla waterfalls, you can also opt to visit the Leing Rewoa falls which are usually quiet and in isolation.

Boat riding at Lake Sighs

Lake Sighs which is also known by the name Ho Than Tho symbolizing sadness. According to Vietnam history, this lake is named after sad stories of several lovers visiting earlier. French invaders are the ones responsible for turning the natural lake Sighs into a dam during their invasion. As much as the name of the lake signifies sadness, travellers love visiting to engage in boats rides and horse rides.

Visiting the Truc Lam Pagoda shrine

The shrine of Truc Lam Pagoda is attractive and well maintained thus creating a beautiful touristic monument in Da Lat. Features making this shrine include images of Buddha, bronze bell and a pagoda. You will hire a cable car in order to reach the top. It is from there that you will get the best sight of the shrines.

Vietnam is indeed paradise and all you have to do is get going, visit Da Lat region and confirm it.