Ways for Tourists to Save Money in Vietnam

Vietnam is becoming popular with tourists’ all over the world visiting frequently each year. It is for this reason that the cost of touring the nation is growing over time. That’s because the government is making efforts to improve the experiences of the tourists. However, that does not mean that you can’t enjoy the best trip on Vietnam with a low budget. Vietnam has a treat for all kinds of travellers whether loaded or restricted financially. The tourists’ facilities found here have different offers for different people depending on your preferences. There are so many ways you can save money and at the same time have an awesome vacation during your Vietnam travel.

Below are the ways to save money during Vietnam travel

Early hotel booking for lower prices

Booking the hotel earlier before the time of your trip will save you quite a number of coins. Generally, most hotels will tend to increase their accommodation rates during the high seasons. Getting your hotel room reserved earlier will limit the rush and paying off the hiked costs. Another advantage of early booking is that you mind get free travel to the hotel, that’s because some hotels plan for guests’ peak ups at the train station or bus stops. That will save you the expenses of having to hire a taxi ride to your hotel room.

Look out for Vietnam travel promotions

Travel companies occasionally give travel offers to guest visiting Vietnam. That’s could be one of the best time to plan your trip. You might just land yourself a cheap offer for your week travel to Vietnam. It’s important to carry out online researches about the travel airlines and hotel booking offers before booking for your travel. To be able to achieve this you will need a flexible travel plan and keep checking with the Vietnam travel airlines and hotels for offers.

Using public transport while in Vietnam

Using the public means of transport from one region to another is cheaper compared to hiring private travel means. It’s advisable to use the commuter buses to move from one town to another and hope on the train for distance travels. You can also utilize walking for distances that are less than 2 km. using a taxi ride will definitely be costly in comparison to walking. The advantage of using the public means of transport is that it helps to save on the cost of transportation. Apart from saving you will interact with the locals and experience their way of life. Mingling with the locals helps to break the tension and will perhaps have the opportunity to learn a few words in the local languages.

Eat meals form the local restaurants


Visiting high-end hotel has meals which are expensive compared to the local restaurants. Most of the meals you will find in such hotels are western and just a few locals ones. However, local Vietnam restaurants have cheap full meals and cheap. You will spend less and eat to the fullest. If you have an appetite for the local food is even better. That is because Vietnamese local food kiosks specialize in local meals. Go ahead and enjoy what it means feeding on an indigenous Vietnamese wine.

Avoid visiting during the high seasons

It very likely that the cost of travelling, as well as accommodation, will be high during the tourist’s high seasons in Vietnam. Opting to visit outside those seasons will see you spend less and enjoy more.

It is very easy to find ways of spending less during your Vietnam travel following the above travel tips.

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