Travel to Vietnam in December

December is the most beautiful period to visit in Vietnam with a pleasant and milder climate in all the region of the nation. Over this period, you will experience sunny days with a touch of wind in attractive sites as well as beautiful beaches. The northern part of the land is a bit cooler while the southern part has a bit low temperatures. Thus, if you think of mountain climbing or hiking, then set your dates in December.

Here are some places you can visit in December.

Moc Chau in Son La


Moc Chau plateau lies about 200km west of Hanoi. The plateau is one of the most attractive places in Vietnam over the December holidays. Despite the cold winter, the plateau maintains its charming beauty with a wide variety of beautiful flowers down the valleys. Barely a week before the Tet holiday, the plum trees blossom as the flowers cover the land forming a snow-like blanket along the valleys. During the December holidays, the tea farmers along this plateau are always busy collecting the leaves. Thus, you can visit such farmers and learn how the leaves are picked, dried and then processed.

Halong Bay

It is one of the world’s natural wonders and among the most visited places over the December holiday. The bay features more than a thousand limestone karsts with various shapes and sizes. You need a boat to enjoy the scenery. Also if you are a couple, you can visit the place at night and enjoy the silent moments along the beach.

Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi

It is one of the vast complexes of the Buddhist temple and shrines that is built into various limestone Huong Tich Cave.  It is one of the religious sites that attract many pilgrims across Vietnam. You need to create some time and boat through the small stream on the way to a pagoda. The place is romantic as you will have a chance to feel the high winds that cut across the mountains. During winter the site becomes peaceful as there are in boats or laughter and chatter heard in festival seasons.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

If you are planning to visit the northern part of Vietnam, the Ban Gioc Waterfall is a must-see tourist site. The fall is the fourth largest border fall in the world. Also, it is among the top ten spectacular waterfalls in the world as a whole as per the Touropia travel site. Over the December holidays, the place is spectaculars as the flowers cover the adjacent positions making it more colorful.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne is one of the places that is different in Vietnam. The weather in the area is dry all year. There seems to be no or very little rain as compared to other places. The beach thus attracts international travelers as the site is always hot. However, the beach has beautiful scenery where you can travel with your entire family and enjoy.

The best time to travel in Vietnam is during the December holiday. During this period, the weather is cold and friendly to anyone. Also, most people prepare for Tet over this period. Thus, there are numerous activities, and the place is just spectaculars as people purchase flowers in the preparation of the upcoming festive season. The hotel owners also cook plenty of spicy foods in an attempt of attracting more visitors. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Vietnam, set your dates over the December holiday.