Travel to Vietnam – Immunizations

Vietnam is a well-known tourist destination which provides mesmerizing as well as mind-blowing sites to behold. On the other hand, there are crucial aspects to consider before boarding a plane headed to this paradise. Other than having a clear knowledge of the site to visit in addition to, proper clothing attire packed for the trip, the preparation entails going through medical procedures. This is done as a precautionary measure since there is a risk of contracting particular diseases in the locality you are travelling to. Besides, any travel advisory agent understands it’s in the best interest of a traveller to acknowledge routine vaccination before travelling to any destination. Nevertheless, the case of Vietnam is not different as here are some of the vaccinations you should consider to avert the possibility of becoming sick while on tour.

  • Rabies

A fierce infection that develops from Rabies virus. Furthermore, it is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal when the infected victim bites another animal or human being. The CDC advice that since there is substantial proof that Rabies can exist in dogs, bats and other mammals in Vietnam travellers are instructed to take vaccinations. Some of the qualified candidates that are advised to take the Rabies vaccine include people indulging in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. A different set of individuals are those that would be working around animals. Generally, any activity undertaken that would put you at risk of an animal bite should be considered for immunization.

  • Yellow Fever

The country of Vietnam does not compel anyone nor subject any visitor in their country to take Yellow Fever immunization, but she requires evidence that you have taken the vaccination. In the same line of thought, there is no impending or existing risk of Yellow Fever occurrence in Vietnam. On the other hand, in case you originate from a country that is at risk of Yellow Fever it is mandatory to get vaccinated before travelling; and carry proof as well when heading to Vietnam. The World Health Organization has clearly outlined countries at risk of Yellow Fever so it’s advisable to confirm where your country falls and take the required steps.

  • Japanese Encephalitis

Before taking any immunization, it’s in order to listen to your doctor’s verdict and opinion. This process involves informing your doctor about your travel plans one month or weeks to departure date. Japanese Encephalitis is a deadly disease in Vietnam and great precaution ought to be considered. The first question to ask and answer prior to an immunization against Japanese Encephalitis is, where exactly are you visiting in Vietnam? Secondly, what time of the year are you planning to visit the destination? This information will aid the doctor in making critical conclusions of whether you should get immunized or not.

  • Typhoid

The disease is caused by contamination of drinking water as well as food. During your visit to Vietnam, you will dine and drink as a result, exposing yourself to Typhoid. Rural areas are at a high risk of facilitating decent conditions which enable Typhoid to thrive. The country is proud of delicious cuisines that you might actually want to try out. Instead of regretting latter and complaining about an ailment, you should book an appointment with your doctor to get the necessary vaccine before you depart.

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