Travel to Vietnam in January

Would you like to kick off the start of a new year in style and fashion as you warm up to face the world? Welcome to the mesmerizing land of Vietnam with lots of travel destinations that will ultimately meet and exceed your taste for adventure. The month of January is one of the best times to be in Vietnam given vast options of areas to visit in addition to things to do. Furthermore, Vietnam experiences a unique weather pattern during this time of the year with northern Vietnam being chilly whereas Central progressing towards southern Vietnam is warmer; 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. After critical considerations from verified Vietnamese travel experts, here are some of the potential get away places.

Mekong Delta

The embodiment of beauty in Vietnam. Mekong Delta is enriched with a great deal of culture as well as natural vegetation predominantly coconuts. Additionally, the natives residing in Mekong Delta uphold strong positive vibes owing to the fact that they are hospitable and honest. If you would wish to enjoy some ample silence, a serene environment that makes an effort to get to Mekong Delta. Touring this region gives you an opportunity to get deep into the country, interact with the natives, learn something about Vietnamese culture and different delicious cuisines. Booming of flowers in January at Mekong Delta is a spectacle to behold such that it attracts both local and international tourists.

Nha Trang

It’s strategic location at the coast of southern Vietnam has made it a popular joint for swimming and sunbathing. In the same line of thought, Nha Trang is proud to be the hub of excellence with respect to their sandy beaches and mesmerizing offshore Islands. The weather spearheads the fun and excitement in the region due to the warm conditions right from January through to August. Apart from places to visit, Nha Trang offers a diverse appetite for seafood given the different type of fish available in the region. This phenomenon has earned Nha Trang a wonderful reputation since it’s the producer of cutting-edge quality of fish sauce in Vietnam.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

The waterfall is a natural breath-taking creation located in Cao Bang province. In addition, it’s honoured to be the widest in Vietnam with a length of 300 metres across. The region is readily accessible due to an improvised system of road network as well as quality public transport. There are loads of fun activities that can be carried out in this region which include fishing, hiking and picnics. Accommodation is not an issue because there are good hotels providing top-notch room service. Ban Gioc waterfall has got caves and the natural vegetation here is bamboo which can be used to craft rafts that can get tourists a closer look into the creation.

Halong Bay

It is one of the sites you cannot afford to miss when you visit Vietnam. The area is rather cold in January, but that can’t prevent you from taking a couple of days’ detour to enjoy the sight of the gorgeous landscape. Travelling to Halong Bay exposes you to the eye catching view of Islands as well as natural caves.

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