Travel to Vietnam – Essentials

After weighing the pros and the cons, a lot of people agree that Vietnam is one of the most significant travel destinations in the world. Like any other travel destination, there are certain items things you should bring, minimize hassle during your trip.

The Essentials


Your passport and Visa are essential. Apart from keeping the originals, make some copies or scanned copies of your passport and visa in case you lose any. Also, you need a travel medical insurance certificate or form that will outline your medical history as well. You also need to carry some cash with you to aid you in buying goods and services as you travel. Since most hotels, as well as stores, accepts credit cards, it is safe carrying your credit cards instead of liquid cash.

Appropriate Luggage

If you are traveling from one city to the other, use some soft bags that are easy to carry. There is no need of carrying huge bags that will draw more attention hence attract snatchers. For short treks or excursions around the city, ensure that you have to take a daypack that will be easier to carry around. In your bag, ensure that you have given a water bottle, some snacks, insect’s repellants as well as other necessities that you may use as you travel.


Before packing the clothing, you may use in Vietnam, it is essential first to identify the places that you will visit. For instance in Ho Chi Minh City, the rainy season starts in June and ends at around November. Thus, you will have to carry some warm clothing if you will visit this place during the rainy season. There are other places such as the Mekong Delta that are always dry. If you plan to tour in such areas, you will have to wear some light clothes. However, avoid packing the clothes that will expose much of your skin while in Vietnam.


In case you are taking any medications, it is advisable to carry drugs that will sustain you on your trip. Although the medicines you are using might be available in Vietnam, there are higher chances that they might be costly. Also, people taking some particular medications use specific brands. Thus, to avoid all the hassle as well as other complications that might be as a result of failure to take drugs, it is essential to carry some extra drugs as you tour in Vietnam.


Remember to bring all the necessary chargers as well as power banks as you travel in Vietnam. If you are planning on having a long bus or train rides, it is vital to carry the pre-charged battery packs with yourself. Avoid cases where your phones go off, and yet you don’t know the direction back to your place of residence.

You need to weigh out some aspects before packing for your journey to Vietnam. Before you pack and leave for your tour, it is essential to consider the climate as well as the season that affects the place of interest. The aspect is critical as it will help you in deciding some of the items that you need to carry before you land in Vietnam, There is no need of struggling to look for some of the things you could have taken from your homestead.

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