Travel to Vietnam – Experience

Vietnam is one the most beautiful nation with a complex and long history, which travelers are just beginning to explore.  There are numerous places you can visit and relax with your families and friends.  From Hanoi to Ha Long bay you will enjoy delicious meals that are cooked by experienced chefs. The people in the land are welcoming and friendly. Thus, if you are planning to travel out of your nation in the upcoming holidays, then make a point of visiting in Vietnam, and you won’t regret.

Here are some of the things you need to experience as you travel in Vietnam


The foodstuffs in the nation are among the most seductive and delicious meals in the world. Apart from having your meals in the expensive restaurants in Vietnam, eating on the streets is by far the most exciting and accessible. For instance, Pho is the most iconic dish and identified as one of the nation’s fantastic noodle soups.  You need to pope in any hotel or restaurant and order a meal of your preference. Hotel service providers are always welcoming and friendly. Also, if you are operating on a tight budget, you don’t have to book expensive resorts or take meals in world-class hotels. However, you can as well take your meals in hotels that are not very expensive and have a taste of the Vietnamese foodstuff. There are also roadside sellers who cook similar foods as those prepared in restaurants and sells at a relatively lowered price.


Vietnam’s idyllic beaches have the best luxury resorts in the world. Some of the beaches in Vietnam include the Lang Co, Vinh Hy, but quieter, the real treasures among others. You need to visit some of these beaches at least to make your tour in Vietnam complete. If you have a family, or you want to travel in Vietnam as a group of individuals, make a point of touring some of the beaches and have the best picnic experience.


The people in Vietnam are friendly and welcoming. Even if you don’t know how to speak any language that is familiar with the Vietnamese, you don’t have to worry. The citizens in the nation are always jovial and ready to receive visitors. As you walk around the cities in the country, expect to meet vendors that are persuasive. They will ensure that you have purchased their products before you part ways.

Other Places

The rice fields offer a window to discover the pastoral traditions of rural Vietnamese life. If you own a bike, this is the best site to have your biking tour. Sapa is the other place that you need to pope in and enjoy the incredibly picturesque towns that lie in the Hoang Lien Son. It is not only the best place of outdoor activities but also it is one of the most fascinating and unique tribe villages in the land. Make a point of visiting Hoi An. It is one of the most graceful areas in Vietnam. It means peace meeting place as it lies beside the delightful riverside town. It is the home of tailors and a major draw card to the city. The personalized, tailored experience is among the most affordable places in the world

There are many places that you can tour in Vietnam and enjoy. Thus, if you are planning to visit Vietnam, make a point of exploring some of the destinations of the tour that will boost your amusement as you tour this lovely country.

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