Travel to Vietnam During Tet

Tet is a shortened name for Tet Nguyen Dan which is an essential holiday in Vietnam.  The holiday marks the arrival of spring which occurs in January and February. During this time, people forget about past troubles and hopes for a better upcoming year. Also, during this time, people return their homes after busy holidays. Thus, the cities turn out like ghosts as people return their areas of residence.  The holiday preparation starts two weeks before the arrival of the New Year.  Houses are cleaned, and clothes are as well bought with debts paid off as people prepares for a new year. The markets become busty as people buy food for family meetings and great meals are cooked to usher in the New Year.

Common Flowers

During this time, people also buy flowers such as peach blossoms, chrysanthemums as well as kumquat trees. As a tourist, this is a great time to be in Vietnam. All people are in the festive spirit, and the streets are filled with flowers. The citizens of the nation are jovial and welcoming as they prepare for a new year. People tend to be generous as they believe in giving as a significant way of welcoming blessedness in the upcoming year. Business people tend to be creative to encourage impulse buying as people are always loaded with cash.

Flowers are significant in Tet. However, the flowers that are used depending on location in Vietnam. The most popular plant in the nation is the kumquat tree. Men usually carry this tree using motorbikes, and it looks like a tree driving a motorcycle.  If you visit in the southern part of Vietnam, the yellow chrysanthemums cover most of the streets.

You need to visit Hoa Mai and experience the peach blossoms smell that is popular.  During Tet, people tend to buy these flowers and elect them in homes or along the roads. The yellow coloring along the streets makes the cities more briskly and colorful.

Best Moments

A lot of people argue that during Tet, traveling is stressful and one won’t experience a great moment in Vietnam. However, if you were planning to tour Vietnam, make a point of traveling during Tet. The shops are always busy as people as they shop in the preparation of Tet. People are lively hence more welcoming. Who on earth will like traveling in place and meet doomy and unwelcoming people?  Thus, if you need to experience excellent moment s as you tour in Vietnam, you need to tour over this period.

Although millions of the Vietnamese gather in cities, finding a good meal is relatively easy. The aspect is due to the fact that numerous cafes are open as well as some of the western style restaurants. Thus, you don’t need to worry about anything concerning what you will eat over this period. Some people claim that it is difficult to land in a good hotel. However, the owners of these hotels tend to be creative and create more rooms for visitors.

In a nutshell, if you are planning to travel in Vietnam, you need to fix your dates over Tet. Over this period, you will meet great people and usher in a new year in style. You will have a chance to eat some of the best meals in the nation as well as witness the colorful nature of the land.

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