Restaurants in Da Lat

Located in a temperate climate in Vietnam is da lat restaurant. The place has fresh air. You can enjoy several things here such as cycling, romantic walks and evening stroll. Unfortunately, These activities may tire you.

Don’t worry. There are numerous restaurants where you can refresh and get energized.

Also, this is an agricultural land. Meaning, the food is fresh and comes directly from the best. You can never be disappointed with this destination. The meals and drinks are a notch higher.

Well, this article covers the best restaurants in Da Lat you ought to visit.

Let’s dive in.

1. Da Quy Restaurant

Located near Da lat flower gardens and Xuan Huong lake is Da Quy. The restaurant is, built in French style. It serves the best Vietnamese dishes. Stopping over in rain day’s offer you the best experience.

You can enjoy several dishes, such as vegetables, herbs, and meat of your preference. You can accompany your meals with the local taste wine.

2. Goc Ha Thanh

Owned by Hanoi couple, the place guarantees you mouthwatering dishes. The décor is stunning from bamboo furnishings to the wooden walls and exquisite furniture. This place is welcoming, and the staff is fantastic. You can stop here for lunch, breakfast or dinner.

Some of the dishes served include; coconut curry chicken, clay pot dishes and noodles. There is also homemade rice wine which is tasty.

Le Rabelais

This restaurant is a true definition of beauty. Apart from being a French restaurant, their food is also impressive.

The interior is beautifully decorated. Besides, the staff is friendly people, and you will love their services. Enjoy the Vietnam nightlife while here. Often there is always piano performance at the background to accompany your meals.

The meals are affordable. You should taste their steamed lobster in chilly orange for the unforgettable experience.

Artist Alley

Located down the alley is artist alley. This is one of the most known eateries in Da Lat. The unique paintings and sculptors make it splendid. Get to enjoy a combination of the French and Vietnamese cuisine.  The meals are affordable. Enjoy the live guitar in the background while eating.

The candlelit tables in the evenings are perfect for dates or dinner with a loved one.

Café De La Poste

The restaurant is in a colonial mansion, with a French setting. The black and white pictures, chandeliers, wooden booth gives the restaurant an aura of colonialism. The surroundings consist of a beautiful garden and excellent views. The meals are slightly expensive but worth the money.

Dishes served here consist of American, Asian and Vietnamese cuisine. Every day, there is a breakfast buffet.

The food is served in style, and lastly, their wine is amazing.

K’be Wood Fired Pizza And BBQ

Rainy and cold days can be bothersome. On such days, a warm cheesy wood-fired pizza is what you need. This restaurant is famously known for western cuisine.

The food here is not only unique but also tasteful. The ingredients come directly from the farmers; thus you are assured of the best.

Other delicacies to be enjoyed include slow-cooked barbeque pork ribs and mashed potatoes.

Japanese Restaurant Ichi

This is a Japanese restaurant. The food is expensive but sweet. Sitting downstairs at the front row ensures you watch the chefs as they go about with their businesses.

Conclusion: Da Lat has numerous restaurants. When you make travel to Vietnam, visit here, for a remarkable experience.