Sports Activities in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is surrounded by many limestone mountains giving it a distinctive beauty. There is a number of activities that one could take part in while in Ha Long Bay.

Water Sports Activities

The most common water sports activities in Ha Long Bay area are; kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, fishing.

Kayaking: The use of a kayak to move on water. The kayak is used when exploring caves on water. The deeper it gets into the cave the colder it gets. The caves have falling stalactites that are so low in the cave. Most visitors who love adventures go for this activity.


Scuba diving: The best time of the year for this activity is April to December. All you need to do to dive is wear scuba glasses, scuba cylinder, diving fins and you are good to go. Jump into the water! It is like another world underwater, beautiful colorful fishes, corals and plants.

Snorkeling: This is another sporting activity that is very interesting just like scuba diving.

Sunbathing: Along Cat Ba Island there are a few sandy beaches where one can relax and enjoy the view of the mountain.

Fishing: Some visitors who like to experience the lives of fish farmers join them when they go fishing. They get the chance to see the floating village markets. They even take part in boat rowing, throwing the fishnet into the water and hauling the net. The local farmers make them comfortable by offering them souvenirs like pearls and corals.


The best way to explore the island Cat Ba Island is trekking. There are so many eye-catching things to see like birds and uncommon animals. There are so many roads to choose from. You could be shown around by a tour guide or locals.


This is another option for exploring the island and villages. Just like trekking, you will come by a lot of rare animals to see. You can make stopovers any place where there is something to see.

Overnight Cruising On Luxurious Junks

Luxurious junks are mobile accommodation that carries visitors on water tours. Tourists get that golden opportunity to enjoy the full view of the sea on top of the deck or sunbathe. They can as well stay inside the ship and lie down on the bed or preferably enjoy coffee as the boat cruises slowly.

Water Park

Cat Ba Island Resort offers a swimming pool with water slides and waterfalls. This is a great place for families, especially with children.

Seaplane Flight

All the other sporting activities are interesting enough but a view in a helicopter is just thrilling. Flight view gives a general view of the island. It might be a bit expensive but it is a lifetime experience!

Mountain Climbing

Moving up Bai Tho Mountain also known as Poem mountain is another activity. It is a very tiresome activity but once you are on the top you will see the worth. Just at the bottom is Ha Long Bay with all the other beautiful views.


This activity is blood thrilling. Floating above the sea while the canoe races! It is an experience to tell just like the sea plane you get a bird’s view of the bay below.

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