10 Best Place To Visit in Hoi An

Welcome to the coastal city of Hoi An located in Vietnam as you head towards the southern part of the country. The region boasts as a powerhouse in tourist attraction given what they have to showcase is worth your while and time. In the distant past, Hoi An was a productive commercial centre where trading activities were given precedence. Furthermore, the city is like a coin with two opposite areas of residence which include rural and urban centres. This makes Hoi An a handsomely lucrative destination to pursue to the latter. In this piece, Hoi An is to be analysed into details in order to, clearly stipulate the 10 best tours in the region.

1. Bamboo Root Sculpture

Bamboo is a very instrumental part of the Vietnamese culture as far as the art of sculpture is concerned. The process begins with washing the bamboo roots thoroughly followed by drying them up before using them for sculpture. Additionally, the practice has been going on for a great deal of time in Vietnam; tourists can also book a session with the skilled artists for two hours and learn the craft.

2. Cu Lao Cham Marine Park

Cu Lao Cham is an island located a distant away from the coast of Hoi An and it is accessible via a speedboat. The area is a hub of marine life characterized by the amazing coral reefs. You can also make an effort to visit the surrounding areas to swim in the clear waters or engage in fishing activities. Generally, heading towards this destination has got a lot more to offer.

3. Thu Bon River Cruise

A cruise on river Thu Bon will lead you to the surrounding villages of Kim Bong and Cua Dai. The endeavour provides a divine opportunity to acquire first-hand information about the land of Vietnam and the different cultures that exist within her borders. Furthermore, the natives in this region are experts at producing fine woodcarving materials with top-notch skills.

4. Lantern Making

Walking through the streets of Hoi An at night will surely amuse you due to the different colourful patterns on the streets. Lanterns are associated with a particular common belief in Vietnam that when hanged in front of a house it brings a great deal of fortune or luck. You can take a couple of minutes and take a detour in one of the lantern making practitioners workshop and learn a few tricks.

5. Hoi An countryside

Away from the city and into the countryside. This part of Hoi An is rather quite and offers a decent environment for relaxing. Activities that can carried out in this part of town is cycling which indeed gives you an excellent view of the land far and beyond. Lastly, you can also engage in constructing the famous Vietnamese traditional hat.

6. An Bang Beach

An Bang beach is a divine destination with an awesome vibe. In the same line of thought, the beautiful beach provides decent location for sunbathing and swimming as well. Lastly, the region is surrounded by restaurants and hotels that provide delicious delicacies which include seafood and indigenous dishes.

7. Alibaba Tailor


The reputable tailoring company, Alibaba is one of the touring destinations located in Tran Hung Dao in Hoi An due to its advanced level of expertise. Alibaba has over 100 fabrics of different diverse qualities with skilful techniques that produce excellent adorable clothing in the long run.

Phung Hung Old house

If you would wish to get the whole history of Vietnam and Hoi An, the old house of Phung Hung got you covered. Additionally, it is a book that takes you through the events that shaped both Hoi An and Vietnam historically to what they are today. 

Quan Kong Temple

The temple is a typical representation of Chinese architecture built in the year 1653. Pursuing this further, it was named after a ruthless Chinese rebellion hailing from the Han dynasty as a token of appreciation for his unshaken loyalty for his motherland.

Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An. Vietnam

The design of the bridge at first sight will eventually mesmerize you. On either sides of the bridge exists markets which can be used for shopping activities.

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