Restaurants in Hai Phong

Hai Phong in Vietnam has many hotels. Being on the limelight about the best restaurants to devour and savor your food is essential. Whether it’s coffee, local dishes, western dishes, and also drinks.

A good restaurant is welcoming. From the décor to the services. Besides, the food offered should be delicious.

Knowing the best gets you to enjoy the most.  This article outlines restaurants to take into consideration when you are in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

1. Truc Lam Restaurant 

A Chinese legend got lost in these woods leading to the birth of the restaurant. It serves various delicacies from traditional Vietnam dishes to western dishes. For instance; Asian cuisines, Norwegian salmon and New Zealand beef.

You don’t have to worry if you are a vegan since your needs are already catered for. If you want to experience a buffet, awesome lunch date, dinner or breakfast, Truc Lam is the place for you. Usually, the food is served on a big plate. Actually, there is something for everyone. Both the locals and foreigners.

2. Maxim’s restaurant and bar

This place is awesome. Everything from the decor to the arrangement inside the restaurant is stunning. Both the local and western dishes are found here.  The servants attend to you patiently as they pay attention to every detail. Additionally, there is music in the background for entertainment. If you love pizzas, sandwiches or steaks, this place has a soft spot for you.

The dessert here is mouthwatering. Occasionally you get to enjoy the reduced prices on the dishes. Thus getting quality at a lower price.

3. Sao Mai Club

When you talk about the best, Sao Mai conquers. This restaurant serves western dishes, Seafood included. The locals visit this place to get a taste of the west. For dinners, meetings and any special events try Sao Mai.

There is a sauna and a massage parlor where you can comfortably relax after a long day. Lastly, their coffee tastes good.

4. Gia Vien Restaurant

Are you seeking a place for leisure or business? If yes, you ought to try Ga Vien.  You get to enjoy Vietnamese dishes served by excellent servants.

5. Secret Garden Café

The name tells it all. Are you seeking peace or tranquility? Well, the secret garden is perfect for you. They have tasty drinks and sweet cakes. This place offers space for your thoughts, away from the noisy world. Besides, the site has a good view.

6. Hanayuki Restaurant

Located somewhere in Vietnam, is Hanayuki restaurant. Best known for Japanese dishes, Asian dishes, and sweet sushi. Visit this place for a taste of Japanese cuisine. Their food is amazing.

7. Phono Box

Known best for their appetizers, cocktails and superb desserts. Unfortunately, Phono Box only caters for the western clientele. Despite that, trying western dishes isn’t a terrible idea. On the sight of their food, you can easily salivate.

8. Indian Kitchen

The name says it all. Indian delicacies are served most here. Besides, there is Asian food, vegetarian and vegan dishes. The food and service here is good

9. Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ in Vietnam is fantastic. It’s famous for the tasty barbeques. moreover, they serve American pizza and steak house.

Sum up :  A good restaurant isn’t just about food. Lots of things such as service, hygiene and atmosphere matter. Hai Phong has numerous restaurants  to choose from. When in Vietnam,  make a stopover at Hai Phong to catch a glimpse of these hotels.