5 fascinating facts about Vietnam that will make you want to visit

Vietnam, a beautiful country blessed with so much effortlessly begs to get explored. You have not seen some of the undocumented wonders until you plan a Vietnam travel. Yes, some things which get done there are weird, and you can only get the real experience when you visit. Do you have the courage to try some of the things the Vietnamese do? Are you daring enough to eat a half-hatched boiled egg for breakfast, or are you willing to taste dog meat? Keep reading on to find out 5 more fascinating facts about this incredible nation.

1. Vietnam meals get considered as some of the healthiest in the world

Their menu mainly consists of seafood, rice, noodles, vegetables, and fresh herbs which get prepared under their traditional methods. They avoid too much oil and frying, which is considered healthy. Food gets cooked with a careful combination of the five flavors which include; sweet, sour, salty, hot, and bitter. Once you taste a meal with all these flavors well balanced, you will have no choice but beg for more. Snake wine is a beverage which gets made by infusing the whole snake in rice wine. They drink it for vitality. Would you like to try?

The menu is vast, and you need to prepare your taste buds

There are about 40 yummy dishes which you will get to enjoy. The good news is that they get prepared using fresh ingredients, vary regionally, and are easy to cook. Here are of some of the meals you can try;

  • Banh Xeo (sizzling pancake): it contains pork, shrimp, egg and bean sprout
  • Pho: consists of chicken broth or light beef seasoned with coriander and ginger. Spring onions, pork or beef, chicken slivers, and flat rice noodles get added.
  • Cha Ca: comprises of white fish sautéed in butter and with spring onions and dill. It gets served with rice noodles and some sprinkled peanuts.

2. There is a hot spring which can boil eggs

The Binh Chau natural hot springs can get up to 82 degrees which are hot enough to cook an egg. There is also an outdoor pool with temperatures of 37 degrees where you can soak yourself. It gets believed that the water contains minerals and it is good for the skin and bones. During your Vietnam travel, try relaxing here to soothe your nerves and improve your blood circulation.

3. Vietnam houses the largest cave in the world

Located in the UNESCO recognized Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park, the cave is 3 miles and 650ft. The journey to and through this cave is not for the faint-hearted, but if you love adventure, you will love it. Imagine trekking and crossing rivers to reach the entrance, and as if that is not tiring enough, once inside, you will crawl, abseil, climb, and swim to the exit. Isn’t this a lifetime encounter?

4. They practice spirituality

You will find beautiful temples and pagodas all over Vietnam. Majority of the population practices Buddhism, but there are still some traditional folks who worship ancestors, gods, and goddesses.  It is advisable to dress well when entering a place of worship.

Some of the spiritual monuments you can visit in Vietnam

Keep in mind that temples are for honor while pagodas are for worship

  • The Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi
  • Tran Quoc Pagoda (the oldest in Hanoi) located on Red River banks

For a quick break while in Con Dao, you can head to the Nui Mot pagoda which gets situated on a small hill in a quiet and calm forest

5. Motorbikes are plenty

There are about 45 million motorbikes in Vietnam. In the major cities, 90% of the means of transport is motorcycles. The government imposed high taxes on cars, and they get considered as luxury. If you trust your driving skills, you can rent a bike to help you get around quickly.

From mouth-watering meals, natural endowment, diverse culture, and spirituality, the only way to experience Vietnam is to go there personally. You will get spoiled for choice. To fully enjoy your trip, bring along your family or friends.

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