Ho Chi Minh City Tours

Planning for a tour or vacation can be hectic. Whether you a group, alone or as a family. You need to be on the know and well versed with the places you are going to visit.  For a remarkable experience, you should approximate the budget you have. Knowing in advance the places to visit, restaurants, and hotels would save you confusion and headaches when in a new location.

The good news is Ho Chi Minh caters interest of every group.

The following are some of the activities to enjoy while here.

1. Visiting the War Remnants Museum

Opening scars from the past, this place would assist in understanding Vietnam history. The remains weapons, guns, bombs and helicopters were preserved here. Shoes the pains and the struggles the people endured during the 20th century.

2. Dam Sen Park

With the numerous lakes and garden, there is always fun involved.  Whether you love or despise amusement park, this place will change your opinion.

3. Cu Chi Tunnels

In the morning, afternoon or evening this place never disappoints. When in Vietnam, this tourist destination will get you to understand the struggles faced by soldiers during the war. Eventually, you get to know how they conquered the battle.

4. Mekong Delta Tours

This offers a mixture of fun and thrilling experiences. Activities to be enjoyed are boat riding and kayaking.  Speedboats are also available. Engage in Trekking and hiking activities. The paddy rice fields are worth watching.

5. Silver Crafting Class

Leaving Vietnam without skill isn’t impressive. This class teaches you to craft items using silver.

6. Saigon Opera House

This is petit Palais in French.  Since it’s easily accessible, you can drop by to attend one of the many concerts. Additionally, you’ will love the French architecture.

7. Bui Vien Street

Walking along this Street is fun.  There are beautiful clothing, war remnants tools and other merchandise which you can purchase. You can’t miss souvenirs to take back home.

8. Notre Dame cathedral

Famous for the statue of the Virgin Mary crying in 2005. The place is perfect for your tours.  The red bricks design and strolling around the cathedral are worth your time.

9. Ho Chi Minh President Museum

Learning about Vietnamese history is enthralling. Numerous photographs,, and galleries make this place spectacular.

10. Dinner Cruise at Saigon River

What an excellent way to complete a long adventurous day. Besides that, the sagon sky at sunset is lovely to view. Accompanying the moment with a cocktail or a drink is fulfilling.

 11. Cao Dai Temple

Get to witness a unique religion.  A combination of Buddhism, Taoism Christianity, and Confucianism.  Additionally, the decorations of this temple such as the gold coatings, dragon pillars, and seven cobra heads are enthralling.

12. Saigon street food

Away from the restaurant foods, enjoy excellent street fruit.  There are thousands to choose from. And, you can easily quell your hunger. You can find such eateries between streets and the several cathedrals.

13. Vespa Adventures Saigon Motorbike Tours

Ride off the beaten path aboard a vintage Vespa during this 4-hour night tour of Ho Chi Minh City, aka Saigon. Pass local landmarks and see a totally different side of the city while you follow a professional guide to a flower market and shopping district. Experience a fun ride on the freeway and learn about Vietnamese culture as you enjoy dinner.

14. Cyclo Tours

Vietnamese love cycling. This is part of them. Actually, cycling immerses you to the culture. Join the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City on the cyclo tour and see more than you could find on your own. Furthermore, it’s easy to make stopovers in tourist’s attraction centers you adore.

Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam has numerous city tours. Depending on how long you stay, you should try most if not all city tours available.

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