Vietnam: Look Forward to an Enchanting Retreat

Vietnam, a mesmerizing wonderland full of adventures gets situated on south and east part of the Indochinese Peninsula. If you are an enthusiastic traveler seeking the best life can offer, Vietnam delivers a full package. You will get spoilt for choice the moment you will land in this fascinating country. For Yoga, spiritual awakening, meditation, and secret wellness, Vietnam is the place to go. Here is what you will enjoy.

1. Revive and rejuvenate your well-being by going for Yoga and exploring Hoi An


Hoi An, the city of lanterns, is a well-kept ancient town in Vietnam which gets endowed with historical monuments and architectural designs to explore. You can go for; Yin yoga, meditation, mindful writing, renewal detox, and de-stress, and organic yoga. Your retreat can never be complete without exploring the city’s attractions. Start your day at My Son sanctuary, a group of ancient Hindu temples, at Cham islands, you will enjoy swimming, underwater walking, snorkeling and have a yummy seafood lunch.

Visit the lantern making shops and get yourself a lamp to carry home. Explore the streets on foot and taste the delicious meals, and learn a thing or two about the culture. Go and see the beautiful Japanese bridge and wind up your evening by cycling to the countryside to see the village life.

2. Awaken your nutritional-wellbeing at Ninh Van Bay

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay resort is a fantastic retreat center tucked away in a crescent-shaped bay surrounded by incredible mountains.  You will learn how to detox, eat clean, and learn about healthy meals. You can tour the resort’s garden and discover different types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Why You Need to Visit Six Senses Resort

  • You will get a private body screening to reveal parts of your body that need close observation.
  • You will get a comprehensive guide on how to have a better sleep and your sleeping patterns will get closely monitored.
  • Food is strictly organic and gets prepared using fresh ingredients. You can choose to have your meals by the pool, bay, in a candlelit cave, or on the rocks.
  • At the bay, you can go for waterskiing, snorkeling, or paddle boarding.

3. Explore the Yen Tu Mountain to get some spiritual nourishment

Tu Yen means a journey back into yourself. Yen Tu Mountain gets located at Uong Bi, Quang Ninh Province and it gets considered as the home of Buddhism in Vietnam. It gets believed that King Tran Nhan Tong got a revelation from the gods on this mountain after forsaking his earthly belongings to establish Truc Nan, a Zen Buddhist School. The mountain gets adorned with magnificent temples and winding stone paths.  Relax and reconnect as you stroll through the calm atmospheres of the pathways of the Yen Tu Mountain Mgallery hotel.

About the hotel

  • It got designed by Bill Bensley, an artist based in Bangkok. It is 133-roomed and sits at a valley on the slopes of the mountain and pays close attention to tranquility and spirituality.
  • Its decorations are based on Buddhism and tell a story about the religion, for example, at the bar, there is a picture of a Tiger princess in a pink rob who is believed to be one of the King’s concubines.

Head to the village square and watch the traditional dancers dressed as dragons, lions, and birds as they showcase their dancing skills. Climb the mountain using a cable car, and you will find, a holy stone shrine which contains the artifacts of the Buddha King. You will notice that trees bend protectively towards the sanctuary and there some food and fruits offerings.

Stop at the Mot Mai Pagoda and drink water from the springs to get granted a wish. Tower the Buddhist King’s golden statues and touch the bronze bell and gong to bring some good luck to yourself.

4. Enroll in a tantric massage training and a yoga retreat in Ha Long Bay

Remember all you may have forgotten about yourself by incorporating Yoga and Tantra techniques. The Tantra techniques to learn include;

  • Yoni and Lingam sound healing and gazing
  • Pelvic healing massage steps
  • Tantric sex instruction
  • Seven chakras tantric breathing, and
  • Maithuna sharing opportunities

The lessons will go for six to ten hours a day. Just to let you know, the MEYOTRA will not drown you into religion.

Sometimes the day to day activities can get overwhelming, and you will need to go and cool off far from home, and a retreat to a new country will do. Well, you work too hard, and you need to relax. Consider a Vietnam retreat.

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