How to Extend my Vietnamese Visa in Da Nang City

How to Extend my Vietnamese Visa in Da Nang City

Life in Da Nang can be really cheap for most ex-pats, which explains why more and more foreigners are choosing to live in this lovely Vietnamese city. Here, you can find plenty of affordable vacation rentals for long-term stays. Thus, it’s not surprising to find several foreign tourists who ended up staying longer than they have originally planned.

But when you decide to stay in Da Nang for a longer time, you need to think about your visa. As a foreigner in Vietnam, your visa will let you stay in the country for only a limited time. If you are holding a 30-day tourist visa, then you have to get out of the country after 30 days or you will be charged for overstaying. So what happens if you want to stay longer? Your best option is to apply for a visa extension.

What is Visa Extension?

But first, what is a visa extension and how do you apply for it? Visa extension refers to the process of extending the validity of your Vietnam visa. So if your visa is only valid for 30 days, you can have it extended for 30 days. That way, you can stay in Da Nang for a total of 60 days. But take note that you can only extend your visa up to two times.

You can apply for the visa extension directly from the Vietnam Immigration Office of Da Nang City. The office is located at 7 Tran Quy Cap Street in Hai Chau District. You can call them in advance to inquire about the process of visa extension and find out what requirements are needed.

Take note that with the visa extension, you will not be given a new visa. What Vietnam Immigration will do is simply extend the validity of your visa. The Vietnam Immigration will stamp your passport to indicate the new validity of your visa.

Requirements to Apply for a Vietnamese Visa Extension in Da Nang City

It’s a good idea to prepare the requirements ahead before you go to the Vietnam Immigration Office in Da Nang. The requirements will vary depending on your nationality and immigration status. But these are the general requirements for a visa extension in Vietnam:

👉 Original copy of your passport – your passport is the most important requirement for a visa extension. They will attach a stamp to your passport indicating your visa’s new validity. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you applied for the visa extension.

👉 Application form – the application form to apply for a Vietnam visa extension is known as the NA5 form. You need to fill out this form completely. If you want, you can download the form online and fill it out in advance. So when you arrive at the Immigration Office, you can submit the form along with the other requirements. But it’s also possible to get the form from the Vietnam Immigration Office in Da Nang. When you arrive at the office, the staff will give you the form to fill out. Form NA5 for visa extension

👉 Visa copy – you have to give them the visa that you’re trying to extend. In most cases, the visa is attached to your passport. But if it’s a separate document, then you need to submit the document separately.

As mentioned, the requirements for the visa extension service will vary. So aside from the requirements mentioned above, the Vietnam Immigration Office might ask you to submit some other requirements. To save time, call the office in advance to find out exactly what requirements you need to submit.

How to Apply for a Visa Extension in Da Nang City

Below are the steps on how to extend your Vietnamese visa in Da Nang City.

👉 1. First of all, call the Vietnam Immigration Office in Da Nang City to ask about their time of operation. Find out what the requirements are for the Vietnam visa extension and the processing fee you need to pay.

👉 2. When you arrive at the Vietnam Immigration Office, fill out the NA5 form if you have not done it yet. Then give the form to the staff along with your passport, visa copy, and other requirements.

👉 3. Next, the staff will check your application and verify the requirements you have submitted. If everything is complete, the staff will collect the payment for the processing fee. You can pay in cash, although some of the Immigration Offices in Vietnam may be able to accept card payments. After paying, the staff will ask you to wait for about a week for the results of your visa extension.

👉 4. When your visa extension is approved, the staff will call you to claim your passport. On your passport, you will find the stamp indicating the new validity of your visa.