How To Get Vietnam E-Visa For Italian?

Numerous individuals wish to pay a visit to this magical country of Vietnam. The country is filled with a rich culture and heritage that everyone wants to experience. The history of the nation carries a good deal of information about ancient times.

Therefore, paying a visit to this beautiful Asian country comes with numerous benefits. This is because it welcomes people from all professions and helps them experience the beauty of the country. There are many things to do, things to see, explore and discover, and it will be worth every penny you spend.

Individuals from all around the planet can pay a visit to this beautiful nation, and Italians should also be given the chance to do so. However, going to Vietnam for the Italians has become much easier after the Vietnam e-visa for Italian was introduced. This opened doors for the people of Italy to have a life-changing experience. However, the process of obtaining a Vietnam e-visa is very easy and simple, and it is a much better option than setting your foot in the Embassy.

Do Italians need an e-visa for entering Vietnam ?

No, Italians don’t need a visa if their stay in Vietnam is up to 15 days.  If they want to stay for more than 15-day exemption, they need a visa to gain access into Vietnam. Individuals who are interested to pay a visit to Vietnam will be provided with a 30-days e-visa. However, if you believe the 30-days Vietnam e-visa for Italian is not enough for you, then you need a request for multiple visas that carries a validity of 6 months. If you are staying in Vietnam for over 15 days, then you will need a visa to make them stay longer in the process. You can apply for the e-visa through the online visa application portal.

The process is very easy to perform, and you need to possess extra knowledge to proceed.

You can perform the online procedure from anywhere and only have a good internet connection, to prevent delays. The Vietnam e-visa for Italian will be delivered to you in the form of a PDF file. You will receive your visa through the email id that you have provided. Remember, once you have the visa in your hands, make sure to print out a copy of it so that it will be very much easier to show it to the authorities. If you are a dual passport holder, make sure you provide the passport about which it is specified in the application.

The requirements for the Vietnam e-visa

All interested Italians need to provide the required documents that will help in the process of obtaining the e-visa. The process will take only a few minutes and requirements of documents for the Vietnam e-visa for Italian is a small list. You need to provide all your details, passport information, travel information and answer some basic questions. Given below are some of the documents required for e-visa. They are

  • Apply 7 days before the date you arrive in Vietnam.
  • Cover all the personal information including name, date of birth, age and so on.
  • For your Italian passport, provide a scanned copy of the bio-data page including the photo. Your Italian passport much have validation of 6-months upon arrival and leave two pages of passport blank to receive the stamp.
  • Provide specific information on your travel plans, the hotel you will stay, the time of arrival and the time of departure, etc.

How to apply Vietnam e-visa ?

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Italian will only require filling in the basic information as it is mentioned in the application. To perform the deed, you only need a laptop, a computer or a mobile to do so. Remember to thoroughly check all the documents and the information you have provided before taking the final step. This is because, if one single mistake takes place, then the whole e-visa application will get rejected. Therefore, such mistakes will also lead to the delay in your visa for which you have to be very careful.

Once you are done, all you have to do is wait for the Vietnam e-visa for Italian to arrive. The verification process may or may not take much time. And will depend entirely on the type of documents you have submitted. It is performed with the help of a security database, which will prevent the wait.
It usually takes 3 working days, and once you receive the e-visa in your hands, you are all set to go. The application for the Vietnam e-visa for Italian is quick and straight-forward. So, it is important to perform a good deal of research on the Vietnam e-visa.

Ending note

The information mentioned in this document will help in providing a clear understanding of obtaining an e-visa. This will allow you to take your steps accordingly in the process.

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