Vietnam E-Visa For Polish: Follow The Steps Properly

The country of Vietnam has been welcoming people from all around the world for many years. The nation is rich in heritage, history, and culture that everyone wants to learn and explore. Vietnam has become the hottest tourist destination and is currently standing at the top of the list as the most visited country. However, when you want to visit this beautiful and colourful nation, you will need a visa. It is quite understandable that going through the actual visa process can be very much tiring.

If you do not want to go through the hectic visa process, then you apply for an e-visa for your visit to Vietnam. If you are from Poland, you can easily apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Polish through an online portal. The method is easier and better than the traditional way as you need not go to the Embassy for it. The steps of receiving the e-visa will be very simple and all you need to do is follow the steps carefully. This document will be your guide and provide you all the steps that are required for the e-visa.

What are the things you need to keep in mind?

The e-visa is an electronic travel authorization permit that enables the citizens of Poland to travel to Vietnam for leisure and tourism. The validation of this e-visa is for 30 days and the Vietnam e-visa for Polish has been the best way to obtain a visa. The existence of this visa has reduced the queues at the Vietnamese border. It has also made it much easier for the nationals of Poland to pay a visit to this beautiful country. The 30-day visa is considered a single-entry visa, which means it allows you to visit the country just once. However, if you are planning to stay over 30 days, then you are required to apply through the embassy.

List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa

You need to fill the application form for the Vietnam e-visa for Polish through the online portal and you can do so right from your comfort zone. The process is considered to be faster and easier but also very much safe. Once your e-visa is approved you will receive it in your email that you have provided. You need to print a copy of your e-visa before visiting Vietnam. This will help you to provide the visa to the authorities at the Vietnamese border and keep you a passport in hand too. Remember, if you are a dual citizenship holder, you need to use the passport that you have used for your e-visa.

Vietnam E-visa requirements for Polish nationals

The requirements for the e-visa is not that complicated as you think. The online procedure requires only the most important documents, which will prove to you a genuine individual. Therefore, all the documents for the Vietnam e-visa for Polish must meet the requirements as directed by the e-visa authorities. You are requested to provide documents based on your details, passport information, travel details, and answer several basic questions. The basic questions are entirely related to your stay in the country. Given below are the required documents that you need to provide.

  • You need to apply for the e-visa a week before you visit the country.
  • Fill in all your personal information.
  • For your Polish passport:
  • Include a scanned copy of the bio-data page that has your photo.
  • Your passport must carry a validation of 6 months.
  • There should be 2 blank pages in your passport.
  • Traveling plans must include:
  • How many days you will stay in the country.
  • Name and address of the hotel.
  • Name of the city you will reside in.

All the information and details that you will provide should be correct. One single mistake or error might lead to unnecessary delays or rejection. Before you make the final call for your Vietnam e-visa for Polish and review all your documents.

How to apply?

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Polish is very straightforward and will take only a few minutes. You need to apply for the e-visa with the help of your smartphone, tablet or computer. Carefully fill out all the information and review it once more before submitting it. The Vietnamese authorities will verify the application and it will take 3 working days to be approved. Once the waiting game is over, you will receive your Vietnam e-visa for Polish in form of a PDF.

Ending note 

The following information provided in this document will help you understand the method of obtaining an e-visa. Through this, you can easily apply for an e-visa when you wish to visit Vietnam.

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