How to apply for the Vietnam e-visa from China duly?

If you are a dweller of China and planning to travel all the way to Vietnam, then no worries at all! With the availability of the Vietnam e-visa from China, applicants can come to Vietnam from China effortlessly. Through the means of this particular visa, the applicant will be able to stay in Vietnam for not more than 30 days. Besides, he/she can come to Vietnam through this particular e-visa either for a job or tourism purpose. And while applying for this particular e-visa, you must always make sure that you are a holder of valid passport. As without it, the entire visa process will remain incomplete.

A few noteworthy facts about the China – Vietnam border

Well, as most of the travelers have to come to Vietnam from the China border, it is actually very easy. And you don’t have to put in much effort while crossing the border between China and Vietnam. There are primarily three border crossings that comprise the China – Vietnam border zone. These are the Dong Dang-Ping Xian, Lao Cai – Hekou and the Mong Cai – Dong Xing. And the location of these three border crossings is in the northeastern zone of Vietnam. And there are indeed an array of buses and trains available to cross any of these border effortlessly.

How to apply for the Vietnam e-visa from China?

Don’t get on your nerves at all about the application process of the Vietnam e-visa from China. All you need to do to get through the visa application process is to fill up an online application form. And along with that you need to submit a few basic documents online. These documents might include credentials like your birth details, personal details etc. And once the application procedure is over, your visa will be sent to you through an email. And it doesn’t take more than 3 days for the visa to be sent to you.

What all you need to submit?

When it comes to the submission of documents for the Vietnam e-visa from China, a few of them can be considered as follows:

  • A digitally scanned version of your passport.
  • A digitally scanned version of your passport sized photograph
  • You must be a holder of the passport pertaining to the 80 eligible countries
  • Pay the concerned fees for the Vietnam e-visa from China either through your credit/debit card

But always remember, whatever the aforesaid credentials you are submitting, has to be in their pdf individual formats duly.

Purposes for the Vietnam e-visa from China

Well, there are actually various purposes for which the applicant can apply for the Vietnam e-visa from China. A few of those purposes can be considered as follows:

  • Tourism purpose
  • Business purpose
  • Journalism purpose
  • Short employment or labor purpose
  • A summit or official visit purpose
  • For the sake of visiting friends and relatives
  • To invest in any of the Vietnamese organizations to name just a few

Pre-requisites of personal information

While applying for the Vietnam e-visa from China, the applicant is required to submit some personal details duly. And after submitting these, he/she will be able to get through the entire visa application process effortlessly. A few of these personal information can be considered as follows:

  • Personal facts: full name, address, date of birth etc.
  • Passport details: passport number, expiry date, nationality etc.
  • Travel information: hotel address, dates of stay to name just a few

And after the applicant has submitted a few of these basic information duly, he/she must cross check every bit of information. In case, malicious or inaccurate data is provided, the process may get delayed or lingered a bit. A Pdf format of the e-visa will be sent through an email to the candidate on time. For safety reasons, the applicant can also get a printout of the same to present to the Vietnamese border crossing.

Some extraneous rules and regulations

There are also a few additional rules and regulations pertaining to the Vietnam e-visa from China. These include the presenting of a passport by the applicant, which gives off a validity of at least one month. Also, there must be two blank pages available in there for getting stamped. And also, remember that the Vietnam e-visa from China allows only a single entry to Vietnam at the most. And those who have to leave the nation before the 30 days duration ends have to re-apply for the concerned e-visa.

On the other hand, the applicant can also apply for a ‘visa on arrival’ either for 30-90 days. But this type of visa requires more of paper work and applying for the e-visa online is much easier. So, why waiting any further? If you are also willing to come to Vietnam from China, then apply for the Vietnam e-visa from China right now.