How To Avail The Vietnam Online e-Visa Application?

There are only few countries, 24 to be exact, whose citizens do not need a visa to travel to Vietnam (For Vietnam visa requirement, please click here). Other than that, 81 countries’ citizens do not need to go to the consulate or embassy to apply for the visa. For citizens of 81 countries, the Vietnam e-visa application is available. The online application is very easy and applying for the Visa takes very less time. With the help of a simply online questionnaire you can easily get a visa and have a maximum stay of 30 days in Vietnam.

List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa

The Vietnam e-visa application gives you the flexibility to complete the procedure in no time and it saves you from the pain of standing in long queues in your nearest Vietnam Consulate or Embassy. The online application will ask for only basic information like your personal information, passport related information, travelling and accommodation details. The applicant may also be asked some questions for security reasons.

The applicants can apply three days before travelling. If the applicant’s e-Visa is accepted, the applicant will receive the e-visa in email in a PDF format. There are necessary requirements to fill in the Vietnam e-Visa application:

  • Own a valid passport 6 months prior to travelling. The passport also needs to have two pages to receive the Vietnamese stamp upon arrival.
  • The biographical page (the first page of the passport) should be submitted by using digital scan.
  • A digital passport- size (4×6 cm) has to be submitted where the applicant is facing the camera directly and the face is visible clearly.

How to Complete the Vietnam e-Visa Application?

In order to fill up the Vietnam e-Visa application, one only needs to answer some basic questions. The applicants can fill up the online form by entering certain personal information other relevant passport information. The applicant may also be asked to provide their travelling information and accommodation information in Vietnam. This is important for safety issues to detect any potential threat to any Vietnamese citizen or tourists in Vietnam. A set of questions will be asked to the applicant to fill up such as questions and inquiries related to health and medical history. Completing the Vietnam e-Visa application is a matter of few minutes and it is relatively easier than applying from embassy or consulate.

How to Pay the e-Visa Payment?

Before submitting the completed form of the Vietnam e-Visa application, it is important to recheck and go through all the information provided by the applicant. After the applicant has reviewed his or her information provided, the applicant can move further to the next step.

The applicant can pay the e-visa fee by using a credit or debit card. The payment however, is non-refundable in case the applicant’s e-visa gets rejected or remains unused. The applicant’s e-visa might get delayed or the worst rejected if the information provided is found inaccurate or unsatisfactory.  Therefore, it is very important to review one’s personal information before moving forward to paying for the Vietnam e-Visa application.

What is the Processing time of the Vietnam e-Visa application?

The moment the application is sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department, the process starts. The overall procedure takes a maximum of 3 days for completion. Most applications get accepted and the applicants get the visa within 3 days, but only in rare cases when the information is inaccurate or unsatisfactory, the process might take much longer period of time.

In order to avoid any flight cancellations and further complications, it is recommended to the applicants that they apply for the Vietnam e-Visa at least 7 days prior to the travelling date. Once the e-visa is granted, a PDF version of the e-Visa will be sent to the applicant’s email inbox. The applicant can simply take out a print out and show to the airport authorities.

How to receive the approved e-Visa?

All the Vietnam e-Visas that get approved by the Immigration department of Vietnam are sent in the form of PDFs to the applicant’s email inbox. It is very important to print out a copy of the email. It is because at the border of Vietnam, the applicant will be asked for it to gain entry into the country.

As a caution, the applicants who have two passports and are willing to carry both passports must bring relevant documents related to both the passports. This is done because it is illegal in Vietnam to exchange visas with other individuals. The e-visa’s validity period starts from the date it has been submitted and the date prescribed. So, the travelers can enter Vietnam anytime within the validity period. In case, an applicant wishes to enter Vietnam before the validity period or extend his or her stay there is a separate procedure for that, which will necessarily cancel the first e-visa.

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