How To Avail The Vietnam Tourist e-Visa?

There are very few countries, namely 24 countries whose citizens do not need a visa to visit Vietnam (Please check Vietnam visa requirement here). Vietnam allows some nations’ citizens to have a longer stay while some citizens are limited to a 30 day stay period. All other foreign nationals need to get a visa to enter Vietnam or visit the country.  The Vietnam e-Visa for Tourist is the best option for travelers who want to visit Vietnam but do not want go through the hassles of standing in long queues in the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. The applicant can simply fill up the form online sitting at home or office and enjoy a tour to Vietnam within no time.

Why go for The Vietnam e-Visa for Tourists?

An electronic travel authorization, the Vietnam e-Visa for Tourist allows 81 countries to visit Vietnam and stay there for maximum 30 days for tourism purposes. The online form for applying to the Vietnam e-Visa for tourist is put in straight forward manner for the applicant.

There are some Visa requirements that the applicant needs to meet in order to apply for the Vietnam e-Visa for Tourists. The requirements are that the applicant needs to have a valid passport and needs to own it for 6 months prior to applying for the e-visa. Also, the passport needs to have two blank pages to receive an entry stamp from the Vietnamese Government.  There is also this requirement that the Vietnam e-Visa for Tourist applications needs to be submitted outside Vietnam. The applicant needs to own a valid credit or debit card so that the applicant can pay for the e-visa. The applicant also needs to have a valid current email address where he or she shall be receiving the Vietnam e-visa for Tourist.

In order to apply for the e-visa, the applicant simply needs to fill in the details by providing some personal information, passport information, medical history and privacy and security related questions. The overall procedure is comparatively easy and takes much less time.

Who can apply for the Vietnam e-Visa for Tourists?

Vietnam is a great place for tourism because it has a diverse culture. One must explore the attraction sites in Vietnam but in order to do that, one needs to have a visa. While some fortunate citizens of other nations may not need visa, some nations’ citizens do need a visa. There are 81 countries whose citizens are allowed to get Vietnam e-Visa for Tourist.  So which are these countries that are eligible for a Vietnam Visa? Here it is the List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa.

What is the Normal Visa Processing Time?

The overall procedure takes not more than 3 business days. Only in some special cases where the application has inaccurate and unsatisfactory information, the procedure may take more time. Thus, it is normally recommended to applicants that they apply for the visa 7 days before the travelling date, in order to avoid any miscalculated events in the visa procedure. The applicants receive the visa in PDF format in their email and this email can be printed to show the authorities at the port of entry. Relevant documents of passports should also be carried.

What is the Validity and Duration of the Vietnam e-Visa for Tourists?

The e-visa for tourists allows the tourists a single entry and a maximum of 30 days stay. The same visa cannot be used to re-enter Vietnam, in any case if it is necessary, another visa has to be issued. Some nationals can avail visa on Arrival at the ports of entry for up to a duration of 90 days, however, this may take lot of time. The Vietnam e-Visa for Tourists can be availed for other purposes as well, such as Business, Education, Investment, Journalism, Official Visit, Short-Term Employment and visiting friends/relatives.

Final note

If you are planning to visit Vietnam as a tourist, the country will surely offer you exemplary opportunities to quench your thirst for travels. Applying for an e-visa would be a great way to travel to the country easily and without hassles.

If you belong to any of the countries who happen to be eligible for e-visa, make sure you apply for it and get it processed for a smooth, hassle-free, and unique e-visa application procedure.

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