Types Of Vietnam Visa And Work Permits For Indians

Vietnam is becoming one of the most favorite places to visit for many travelers around the world. The food variety and cultural beauty it possesses has drawn many visitors to come to Vietnam and experience the best time of their life. Though the number of South Asian travelers is already high, it is the most in India. The reason behind Indians rushing to Vietnam is the process of visa application that has been made easy for the Indian nationals. The Indians can get the tedious work done in matters of hours if they apply for E-visa. Even if they apply for the visa online, they can get their visa once they arrive at the Vietnam international airport.

Thought the facility of visa on arrival is only for air travelers, but Indians are still crowding in Vietnam. They wish to experience the war history, museums, and tunnels present in Vietnam. Not only are Indians going to Vietnam as a tourist, but many are deciding to settle in Vietnam permanently. Settlement in Vietnam will require to get a work permit in Vietnam and before that, a visa to enter the country.

This article is a guide to the visas and work permit procedures one needs to go through before thinking of going to Vietnam.

Types Of Visas

The visa can be obtained via different procedures.

You can get the visa by visiting the Vietnam Embassy in India. You will have to give your passport with two photos to the immigration officer. The officer will ask for the credential like date of birth and the time of your travel. Once you are done, all you need to do is wait for the visa to come. Once it is approved, the agent informs you, and you have to collect it from the embassy. You have to pay the fee for the stamp, and visa issuing has to be paid.

The other way is to apply for E-visa, which is an electronic Visa. Here you need to submit the details like your name, passport number, date of birth, and the tentative dates of travel. The electronic visa, once approved, will be sent to you on your email address, and it’s done! You are good to go! Via E-visa, you save a lot of money from traveling to the embassy to apply and collect the visa. All you need to pay is for the stamp on the permit.

The third procedure that one can follow is the visa on arrival. In this process, you need to fill the online form available on the websites of the Vietnam visa. You have to put your credentials, make sure you make no mistake. You should always double-check the information you are typing on the online form. Your name, date of birth, passport number should always match the one on your passport. Once you submit the online form, you will get the approval letter. After getting the approval letter, you are ready to board. Once you reach Vietnam international airport, you need to show the approval letter.  The immigration officer will put a stamp on your visa to let you enter the country. The fee of the stamp is paid on arrival at the airport. Whereas the fee for issuing the letter is paid online when you are submitting the online form.

Work permit:

When you want to work in Vietnam, you require to get the work permit. It is usually needed when one wishes to work in Vietnam for more than three months. In this case, the employer should apply for the work permit fifteen days before the commencement of work. The employer applies for the work permit with the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs, also called MoLISA. The processing time of issuance of work permit is ten business days. A foreign work can get a work permit, it is valid for three years, and it is not renewable.

The eligibility criteria for a work permit is that the applicant:

  1. should be 18 years of age,
  2. should be healthy to meet the job description
  3. should have the technical skill or the skill required for the job
  4. should not be subject to criminal prosecution or have any criminal record.

The Vietnamese government is getting more strict regarding the work permits and its issuances. Anyone who violates the rules and regulations is penalized or deported too. One should be very careful to work in Vietnam by following all the rules necessary to be followed by the government or the institution one is working with.

Residence cards:

Under the Ministry of Public Security, a temporary residence card is issued to the foreigners who have a work permit valid for one year or more. Once you get the TRC, you can enter and exit Vietnam without a visa. The processing time of the temporary residence card is five business days, and the fees vary according to the duration of the card issued.

The Ministry of Public Security also issues the permanent residence card. The expatriate who is earning a living in Vietnam with a legal residency can get the PRC.The condition to get the PRC is that the expat should work for the development of Vietnam and is in Vietnam for three or more years. The processing time for the PRC is also five working days.

One can quickly enter visit or settle in Vietnam without any problems if the processes are done correctly. The visitor or settler should take care of following the rules and making no mistake in the whole process. This will prevent him/her from the unwanted surprises.