Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indians: How To Acquire It?


I never thought that I had Vietnamese blood flowing in my veins. It was my elder sister’s wedding last year. I was hosting the reception party and welcoming friends and relatives. With hundreds of guests pouring in from every corner of the country and abroad, I hardly got any time to interact deeply with anyone. After party I got into the strangest conversation with a distant cousin of mine. He was from Vietnam. I never knew that I had a part of my family in Vietnam until I was sending out the invitation cards. I did not take much notice then, partly because I drowned in work and wedding preparations. Indian weddings continue for almost a week with grand parties nearly every day. I settled down to take rest and casual chit-chat with my cousin over breakfast which turned into the most meaningful conversation of my life. I came to know that my great uncle was Vietnamese. I was astounded with the information because I could never imagine myself to be anything but a plain man belonging to a remote village in India.

I hugged my cousin and bid farewell to them after about a week. It was so unnerving for me, and I could not rest for days. And that’s when I decided that I need to travel to Vietnam to get in touch with my roots. I took a fortnight’s leave from my dreary job and started making grand preparations for the trip to Vietnam with my family. I was worried about acquiring a visa to Vietnam. I knew that it was a very time-consuming process with the embassy, but it seemed that I had no other option. I did not have an extended leave and was starting to feel upset about it.

I browsed the internet for days and finally came across an interesting piece of information about Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. It pleased me immensely when I found the quick and convenient process of acquiring a Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. I felt a rush of great relief that I would finally be able to get in touch with my roots without shedding an ounce of sweat. I felt thrilled at the ease of access to the Vietnam Visa on arrival for Indians.

The procedure for acquiring Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Indians

The application process for the Vietnam visa is easy. However, it is necessary to follow the required protocol for a smooth journey. The contract follows a few steps that are elucidated below.

The Application Form

Firstly, you need to fill in different application forms for all the official desk work (Fill in the online application form for the visa approval letter & fill the form NA1 on arrival to pick up the visa). Visa can be considered as one of the basic document at with regards to visit abroad that is Vietnam in this case. So be cautious about your document Think before you start jotting down in the application form, as any mistake can cost dearly. If you write anything incorrectly, at that point, that is going to trigger several issues when you land in Vietnam. In any case, be mindful when you are topping off the forms.

Check and recheck all the data before you feel prepared for venturing out. The data you toned to expound on is entirely standard, for example, your name, your date of birth, nationality, and, obviously, your international ID number. You need to keep in touch with them with more information. However, these are the rudiments. You need to pick the kind of visa you need.

The data will help standard ones, for example, your complete name, DOB (date of birth), visa. Since you are finished with the finished application structure, the time has come to process the installment. It is your Visa administration pay. They will give distinctive installment strategies, for example, Paypal, Gate2Shop, Western Union, and OnePay, aside from the customary bank move one. Pick as you feel like.

You Have Got a Mail

After the submission of the application form and the whole payment process, now you need to wait for the email. It is your Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indians Approval Letter.
You need to do a lot of things after receiving the approval letter:

  • The Visa approval letter comes with an entry and exit form. Download all the documents and print them out.
  • Fill in the entry-and-exit form (form NA1) accordingly and carefully.
  • Now take two passport size photos (4/6cm). Apart from the photos and the form, you also need $25 as a stamping fee or if its $50 for multiple entries.
  • Keep the photos; fill up forms, your passport, and the many together. And keep it safe somewhere in you are luggage. These are going to get you the Vietnam Visa on arrival for Indians. The immigration officer will ask for these things at the airport.

The Final Step

Only the Visa approval letter will allow you to board the plane.
Once you reach Vietnam International Airport (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Hai Phong, Da Lat and Phu Quoc), now its final step, you will be asked for those documents you kept safely for this moment. The officer will go through all the materials and receive the payment. And after that, he or she will get your visa stamped.

That’s how I got my Vietnam Visa. The hassle-free and convenient experience made me fall more in love with my roots in Vietnam. I launched into in-depth research about the war and felt so beautiful. I felt as though my ascendants were smiling at me from their Heavenly abode. If you are also planning your visit to Vietnam, you better go for Vietnam Visa on arrival for Indians. Good luck.

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