Why is Visa Important To Travel Abroad?

People travel across oceans for many reasons, be it traveling, studying, or working. There are plenty of countries that are a hot spot for tourism, education, and business. Vietnam is one country that encompasses all elements that make it a most visited country in the world.

Situated in the easternmost corner of the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam is known for its exotic nature, an abundance of tourist spots, exhilarating activities, educational institutes, and sustainable economic growth.

While traveling to other countries might seem like a strenuous process due to the prolonged visa application process, Acquiring Vietnam visa has been easier by the government.

The Vietnamese government has streamlined the guidelines of visa application in order to make the process easier for the visitors. Whether it is e-visa or the improve visa on arrival, acquiring a Vietnam visa is not as complicated as it seems.

Vietnam e-Visa

E-visa or electronic visa is acquired after filing a quick form either through an online or offline agent. The Vietnam e-visa is a single entry visa validated until 30 days. E-visa is generally preferred by travelers who come to visit the country to relish the beauty of the place.

Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival is given to those visitors who come by flight. After filling a visa application form online, an approval letter is received that has to be showcased to the immigration department along with other documents and passport. A stamping fee of USD 25 is paid in order to acquire the visa on arrival. Visa on arrival is available at selected airports in Vietnam.

Though the Vietnamese government has made the procedure quite simple, there are people who still don’t consider the relevance and importance of visa for traveling abroad. Before applying for the Vietnam visa, it is essential to understand the prominence visa holds while travelling to a foreign country.

What is Visa?

Visa is an official document placed within the passports that grants you permission to enter, leave, or stay in the country for a pre-determined period of time. Common types of visas include student, tourist, work, and transit. Depending on your destination of travel you can apply for single or multiple entry visas. There are both e-visa and visa on approval for Vietnam. There are certain countries that follow extensive procedures to fill in the visa application, such as medical screening.

Why is Visa Important?

There is more than one reason to understand why visas are an important document while traveling. Listed below are some of the imperative reasons to acquire a visa before travelling to abroad countries in order to safeguard your interests from any legal glitches.

Immigration Control

International concerns like terrorism, frauds, overpopulation, etc., it is important to prioritize the safety of the country by monitoring who enters their territory. A visa works as official permission given by the government to the person for entering, staying, or leaving the country within a specific period of time mentioned on the visa. With visa, the government of the country keeps a close watch on who and how many enter the country legally.

Identity Verification

Just like immigration control, identity verification is also important to safeguard the interests of the country. Visa enables immigration department and the nation’s consular to cross-check the identity of the visitor before his/her arrival. The immigration department verifies the visitor’s criminal and economic background as well as his/her medical state. If the visitor is not able to pass the background test, the visa will be dismissed, and the individual would not be allowed to enter the country’s territory.


If you are intending to visit a country for traveling purpose, it is essential to acquire a visa. Without a visa, you won’t be allowed to set foot on the country’s ground. While there are several countries, who do not require a visa from some specific nation’s citizens, but other than that visa is an imperative document to get hold of while traveling to other countries.


People around the globe transport from one country to others with a purpose to work, and without acquiring they can neither leave their country nor enter the foreign country. If you wish to work in an abroad country, it is essential to follow the concerned country’s visa guidelines and acquire a work visa. A work visa enables the host country to ascertain whether the applicant has the right to enter the entry and work legally.

There’s no doubt in asserting that without acquiring a visa, it is impossible to enter the territory of a foreign country. Due to the extensive visa application process, people often drop their plan to go abroad. The Vietnamese government has made a significant change to this perception by streamlining the visa application process for citizens across the globe.

If you are looking for a place to spend your next holidays or searching for an educational institute to take your career to the next level, Vietnam is the name you must bookmark.

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