Vietnam: A Perfect Destination To Start Working

Vietnam houses some great opportunities for foreigners. Whether it is great business endeavors or unique job offerings, Vietnam is brimmed with possibilities when it comes to accommodating foreigners into the country. If you are also planning to work in Vietnam, then the below guide will help you understand the business realm of Vietnam and what are the things that you would need to take into consideration in order to work here.

Employment in Vietnam

According to the economic experts, Vietnam’s economy is on the avenue of liberalization and is witnessing impressive growth. When it comes to welcoming foreigners in the country to work, most of the expats are barred from social security contributions. While getting a work permit can be a bit complicated, the Vietnamese government has made the procedure pretty simple.

In order to start working in the country, it is essential to ascertain Vietnamese cultural value and traditions. Understanding the values of locals helps in establishing a strong business relationship.

Vietnam’s Economic Growth

The country witnessed a massive economic turmoil until the second half of the last decade. There’s no doubt in asserting that US-Vietnam war and the US trade embargo have impacted the economy to a great extent. Though the country faces some problems due to the international economic recession, Vietnam is going through sustainable economic growth.

Hierarchy is the Key to Vietnam’s Business World

Whether in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese companies follow hierarchy when it comes to business proceedings. Decisions are often taken by the older member of the business rather than the experienced and skilled one. Hence, it is essential to respect your co-workers and teammates, especially when they are old.

The status also plays an important role in Vietnam’s business world. Age alone doesn’t work to get in power. You need to acquire status in the Vietnamese business world through your work. There was a time when the Vietnamese business realm was men dominant, and today the country is treading towards sexual liberalization that enables women to conquer reputable business position.

A Walk From Poor To Dynamic Economy

It is such a surprising fact that Vietnam has the lowest employment rate in the world according to the economic report of 2017. Vietnam’s economy starts to walk towards sustainable success after 1986. The development was a long journey from one among the poor countries to lower-middle-income status.

GDP of the country has been showing radical improvements since the 2000s. Furthermore, the poverty rate decreased from 58% to 14%. By 2015, Vietnam becomes the only country that experienced successful growth in exports and minimized the impact of the financial crisis. The GDP growth in 2014 and 2015 were 5.5% and 6.5% respectively.

Complicated Work Permits Simplified in Vietnam

Apart from Vietnam visa, expats need to acquire a work permit in order to start working in the country. If you are planning to work in Vietnam, you would need a work contract and your employer’s consent to help you with the documents.

Your employer will apply to the Local Department of Labor, War invalid, and Social Affairs in their city. The Vietnamese government is working towards further simplifying the requirements for the work permit and have extended many exemptions as well.

Take a look at the below list of exempted expats along with the details regarding who is eligible for the permit:-

  • Expats with a bachelor’s degree and minimum of three year’s experience in the concerned industry. This applies when they stay in the country for not more than 30 days and a total of 90 days in a year.
  • Expats transferred from other company operating in any industry. Expats can reside in the country until their work permit validity.
  • Teachers working in international schools controlled by foreign embassies. Expats falling under this exemption can stay in the country till their work permit validity.
  • Interns in Vietnamese companies, volunteers from international NGOs, and experts from Official Development projects. These expats can stay in the country for the entire tenure of their work permit.

Visas To Work in Vietnam

For business purposes, you would need to obtain a business visa to enter the territory of Vietnam. If you are visiting the country due to business reasons, you would need sponsorship or invitation from a Vietnamese business partner.

Following are the steps to acquire the Vietnam business visa:-

  • Fill in a visa application form from the official Vietnam visa website.
  • Fill all your personal information check before submitting
  • A service fee will be charged by the online agent to process a visa application.
  • An approval letter will be sent to you within 48 business hours after the application is submitted.
  • You would need to bring that approval letter along with your passport, two passport-sized photos and identification documents to avail your visa on arrival at the airport.

Working in Vietnam certainly has some great opportunities waiting for you. Owing to the economic growth that the country has been witnessing proves that Vietnam will leverage its position in the global marketplace. With the Vietnamese government making the visa application guidelines streamlines, more and more people are relishing the opportunity to work in the country.

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