How Much Is Vietnam Visa Extension For Indian Citizen?

Are you an Indian citizen who is now in Vietnam and planning to extend your visa to stay some more days in Vietnam? Then you have to complete the full procedure of Vietnam Visa Extension without delay with the help of travel agency!

Visa Extension for Indian Citizen

It is now possible to extend your Vietnam visa as long as the total time of your stay is less than six months. As an Indian citizen, you can extend your visa based on the visa type you are with.

For example,

No matter whether you applied visa for business or tourist purpose, if you are in Vietnam now with 3-month multi-entry or single entry visa type, you can extend your days of stay in Vietnam only for another three months.

In case, under business or tourist purpose visa type, if you have visited Vietnam with one-month single entry or multi-entry, you are allowed to apply for a visa extension for another one month.

Visa Extension Fee for Indian Citizen

Usually, the visa extension fee will be depending on the nationality, visa type, purpose of the visa, and the portal to apply for your visa.

It will be a little higher than the cheap Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen that you applied before. Approximately, if you are in Vietnam with one month single or multi-entry visa type, and want to extend another one month, you will be charged from US$60 to US$155. In case, if you choose three months single or multi-entry visas type, and planned to extend another three months, you will be charged from US$180 to US$310.

[Note: The cost of visa extension will get vary from travel agency to travel agency. So, contact the right travel agency and enquire the right cheapest Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen and proceed accordingly.]

Required Details for Visa Extension

  • Your passport should have at least two blank pages.
  • From the time of extension, your passport should be valid for more than six months
  • Scan your passport and the page containing your current Vietnam visa for sending it to Vietnam Immigration Department.

Why Applying For A Visa And For Visa Extension Visa On Arrival Is the Best?

  • Applying for your visa via visa on arrival option will be convenient since the complete process will be done through online.
  • If you apply for your visa via visa on arrival, in case, if you need visa extension, it will be easy to get processed.
  • 100% of your money will be refunded in case if you are not satisfied with our service, or the government declines your application.
  • Your details will be safe and secure since it is a 100% risk-free website.

Final Words

Are you looking to prolong Vietnam visa on business or tourist visa? You can extend your Vietnam visa without leaving out the country with the help of expert travel agency in Vietnam. Contact the Vietnam travel agency, and get your visa extended without leaving Vietnam.

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