What Is the Simple Process to Get the Cheapest Business Visa from India?

Moving to Vietnam is a big decision and if this temporary move is for your business purpose, it would be a life changer and helps you to view the world differently. Vietnam is a charming country with plenty of business opportunities and better standard of living. With many Indians migrating to Vietnam in search of better job opportunities or to expanding their business, it is important for them to get a cheap business Vietnam visa for Indian citizens.

What is a Business Visa?

A business visa is different from the tourist visa and is issued for people who are opting for a temporary visit to Vietnam for a business session. There are six different categories are available in business visa for Indian citizens.

  • Single month single entry
  • Single month multiple entries
  • Three months single entry
  • Three months multiple entries
  • Six months multiple entries
  • One year multiple entries

To apply for business Vietnam visa, there are three different options available. You can apply through Vietnamese embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival, or Vietnam E-visa. But, Vietnam E-visa is a quick process and a costly endeavor. Also, the cost paid is not refundable even in cases your Visa approval is declined. So, if you want to apply for a business visa to Vietnam, either you apply through Vietnamese embassy in India or Vietnam visa on Arrival.

Vietnam Visa through Embassy

When applying for a business visa through embassy, you have to be physically present in front of the immigration officials at the embassy and submit the original copies of all the necessary documents. This process is a little risky as there are possibilities that you may lose your certificates in a rush to get your process your application. In spite of standing in long queue, if you couldn’t apply for the business visa in a day, you have to wait the next day in queue to get your business visa applied. Since, it’s a time-consuming process most people try to avoid applying for cheap Vietnam visa for Indian citizens through embassy.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival is one of the easiest and the cheapest Vietnam visa application process. It can be done by entering your basic details, personal information, travel details, and other essential details in an online application. Once the application is filled with the necessary details, you will be asked to pay a service fee. After the service fee is paid, your online application will be accepted and the process begins. After the commencement of the process, visa approval letter will be send to your e-mail. You are supposed to take a print out of the two documents – visa approval letter and the visa application form to feature them before the immigration officials. At the destination airport, you must pay a stamping fee to get your visa fixed to the passport.

Cost Details of Business Visa

Service Fee

  • The service fee for single month single entry business visa is 75USD
  • The service fee for single month multiple entries business visa is 80 USD
  • The service fee for three months single entry business visa is 85 USD
  • The service fee for three months multiple entries business visa is 90 USD
  • The service fee for six months multiple entries business visa is 185 USD
  • The service fee for one year multiple entries business visa is 190USD

Stamping Fee

The stamping fee for business visa is $25 for single entry, $50 for multiple entries, $95 for six months multiple entries, and $210 for one year multiple entries.

For people who are applying for business Vietnam visa with us, we provide a full refund guarantee if our service fails to meet your requirements or your visa application is denied.

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