Top 5 Best Places To Stay In Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a very attractive destination which has many natural beauties with peaceful countryside, majestic mountains, winding passes… Coming here, there are so many places that you desire to give a visit. You will not only stay in Ha Giang city, but also many villages which attract you to explore. Let’s see 5 recommended accommodations you should stay to have a nice trip in Ha Giang.  

Bui homestay – Dong Van town

In order to visit Lung Cu flagstaff – the Northernmost point of Vietnam with many desert and majestic landscapes, you are probably interested in Dong Van town. “Bui homestay” is one of great options to feel and enjoy every memorable moment in this beautiful town.

Bui homestay has the characteristics of stilt houses which is so homely and rustic of H’mong ethnic people. Everything here is provided with convenient equipment and cleanliness. Interestingly, there is a dream catcher at the top of every bed which brings a good sleep to guests. In addition, Bui homestay also provides many local foods as well as BBQ party in the garden which are so attractive and interesting.

Address: Dong Van town – Ha Giang province

Price: 195.000 VND/dorm bed/day (breakfast included)

Chung Pua homestay – Meo Vac town

Coming to Meo Vac town, you will be lost in a peaceful countryside with many terraced rice fields and fresh atmosphere of majestic mountains. Let’s find out a space to experience as Chung Pua homestay where it has been built for over 100 years, so it has many ancient structures of H’mong ethnic people. Staying here, you will not only have a place to stay with convenient services, but also see and experience the local life to the fullest.

You can choose to stay in dorm bed or private room from 16 – 66 USD, breakfast included. Let’s come to experience.

Chang Village homestay

The location of Chang Village homestay is nearby the city central. It has the characteristics of local cultures. It can contain up to 60 people with comfortable space, diverse food service and clean rooms – all of it will bring relaxing time and interesting experiences to you in Ha Giang.

From here, you will easily explore many places in Ha Giang by renting a motorbike with cheap price. Let’s come to experience.

Address: Chang Village, Ha Giang

Price: 120.000 VND/bed (5 USD) and 200.000 VND/private room (9 USD)

Ha Thanh homestay 

Ha Thanh homestay just takes 6km from Ha Giang central, so you will easily come to this interesting place to stay. This place still has many characteristics of local cultures which are from Tay ethnic people.

Coming to Ha Thanh, you will be diving into the fresh atmosphere, peaceful nature and surrounded majestic mountains. In addition, you will have a chance to see the rice field harvest and feel its beauty to the clearest.

At Ha Thanh homestay, there are not many private spaces, however, the dorm beds are also designed as the privacy which brings comfortable and relaxing feelings to guests.

Address: Ha Thanh village, Phuong Do, Ha Giang province

Price: 400.000 – 450.000 VND/room/day (15-20 USD)

Tha Village homestay

If you are going to visit Ha Giang to explore about the historical stories as well as the local life, Tha Village homestay would be probably an ideal place to give a visit.

Its location a little far away from the central, so the landscapes are so desert and wonderful. It’s just suitable for those who desire to have a peaceful and quiet place to relax. At night, you will hear the sounds of birds, chickens, weaving of Tay ethnic people…

The services here are so clean and convenient, it will definitely bring many relaxing and memorable experiences to you in Ha Giang.

Price: 200.000 – 250.000 VND/day (10 USD)

Address: Tha Village, Lung Cu, Ha Giang province

You can choose the suitable one that you like the most. Depending on your plan or where you are going to go, you can visit there and have a place to stay. In addition, you access our website to read more useful information for your trip such as where to visit, what to eat, how to apply for Vietnam visa…