Top 3 Best Homestays In Ninh Binh For Your Vacation

Ninh Binh is an attractive destination for those who like to be diving into peaceful countrysides as well as natural landscapes. Therefore, choosing a place to stay with nature is a great experience while visiting Ninh Binh. Let’s see 3 best homestays as below to stay: 

Chez Beo homestay 

Chez Beo homestay will bring interesting experiences to you. You will be diving into the peaceful and picturesque countryside with surrounded majestic mountains and green spaces of trees and rice fields.

Over here, you will be provided by many convenient service and a quality breakfast. The price is just from 200.000 VND/day (9 USD) for a dorm bed and 500.000 VND/day (20 USD) for a private room, breakfast included.

Let’s come to see and experience Chez Beo homestay to know how interesting it is.

Quoc Khanh Bamboo Homestay 

Through the photos in the internet, you will be probably attracted by its peaceful beauty. In fact, you will be extremely satisfied and comfortable to have great time in this place. One more interesting thing, there is a small ferry for guests to go to the middle of the lake and see many beautiful things such as sunset, fresh atmosphere, majestic mountains…

The price is just from 180.000 VND/day (8 USD) for a dorm bed and 600.000 VND (25 USD) for a private room, breakfast included.

If it is possible, hope you will not miss to stay here.

Ninh Binh Valley Homestay

Valley Homestay would be probably a great place to stay for those who extremely love and desire to be diving into the nature. This place is very suitable for families or someone who want to look for somewhere peaceful and fresh.

Everything here is so professional, has convenient equipment and an ideal location which bring many memorable experiences to you.

The price is from 1.300.000 VND/day (55 USD) for a private room. It is quite expensive but still worthy to experience its high quality service.

Ninh Binh has many great options for you to choose, it depends on how you are attracted in that place. Anyway, each one also has its own interest. Let’s choose the one that you like to have great time in Ninh Binh.

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