Hang Nga Crazy House: Unique Architecture In Da Lat City

There are unique treehouse designs that may have amazed you beyond your expectations making you think you’ve seen it all, from your neighbor’s cute tree cottage to the epic shows on your prescribed cable broadcasting the vast number of glorious architect treehouses. However, Vietnam offers to prove you wrong by showcasing its well-known tourist attraction that has left travelers in a state of both awe and fear for decades now. Dive into a small friendly town called Dalat where you will find a creepy, but still oddly attractive, the tree-built hotel called the Hang Nga Guesthouse also known as ‘Crazy House.’

This piece of art is an ‘unrealistic’ design modified out of a horror or thriller film. Picture sculptured rooms connected by narrow foot bridges, spider web windows, handrails resembling jungle vines and furniture with weird-like shapes of different but wild colors. Doesn’t that sound like something that’d give you goosebumps in a movie? However, that isn’t the case as the building is an accommodation facility that entices many tourists as it distinguishes itself from ordinary treehouses by being an actual tree (even though some of its designs were are made of concrete and other materials).


Dang Viet Nga architect is General Secretary Truong Chinh’s daugter. She graduated from the Architecture in Moscow University (1959-1965). Then from 1969 to 1972, she continued to study and get as a Doctor in Moscow. Returning to Hanoi, she worked at the Institute of Architectural Design of the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Culture. Ms. Hang Viet Nga was the ideal masterpiece behind this extraordinary house design naming it after herself. She was the daughter of the deceased Truong Chinh, the second president of Vietnam, and this position favored her intentions of sculpturing such an ‘anti-social’ lavish house as she faced opposition from many political officials who tried to tear down her vision.

By 1990 Hang Nga was born and was often described as ‘The Crazy House’ by visitors and travelers hence influencing Ms. Hang to adopt that name herself. The property is most typically referred to its nickname, ‘The Crazy House’ to this day as it resembles a large tree trunk from a fairy tale. Located at 03, Huynh Thuc Khang street, Ward 4, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province. About 1km to the west of Dalat city center, this is the a convenient location to visiting.

When building this villa she was very concerned: “Nature is being destroyed every day, by architect’s design project I want to drag people back to nature, people should be close and love, it is rather than destroy.” Dang Viet Nga said.



The Crazy House has 100 roofs, located on a campus of nearly 1,600 square meter.

The castle looks like a tree or a part of the body of wild animals hidden in the jungle.

The strange shape of convex windows. The layout seems to be lacking orderly but looking carefully as the eyes of wild animals. Visitors can see the garden in the villa with the shape of the spider’s nest at the entrance.

The Crazy House has 10 rooms. They are used for hotel and coffee shop business. The rooms in the house are designed according to Dang Viet Nga’s idea. Their names such as gourd fruits, kangaroo, bears and bees with high price for rent.

DA LAT, VIETNAM – NOV 26: Hang Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the Crazy House on Nov 26, 2014, in Dalat, Vietnam. It is designed and constructed by Vietnamese woman architect Dang Viet Nga

These rooms are designed in two ancient trees (concrete). Its making visitors feel like they are lost in the strange and mystery forest. At night, if you sleep in these rooms, looking straight at the ceiling can see moon and stars.

DA LAT, VIETNAM – NOV 26: Hang Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the Crazy House on Nov 26, 2014, in Dalat, Vietnam. It is designed and constructed by Vietnamese woman architect Dang Viet Nga

You don’t have to stay here as a guest, you can come and pay a small entrance fee (40.000VND) to explore this whacky house for a few hours.

Every room in this brilliant treehouse has its theme which is uniquely designed from another. The furniture is professionally handcrafted differently and thus complementing the idea to each room with animal sculptures that represent a particular trait in the places.

There is a tiger room resembling the Chinese idea and represents its outstanding strength among the many animals. The kangaroo room serves an Aussie, an Australian inhabitant, while the eagle room is a symbol of the prowess of America and its influence on the world. The ant room gives the impression of the industrial people of Vietnam and all their prowess characters. There is a room at the roof that has no ceiling ideal for those who would like to ‘sleep under the stars’ while the bee room contains a massage bathtub for those looking to spoil themselves.

The furniture available in the room is handcrafted by specialists to fit the shape and theme of each room. There are stone decorations throughout the house depicting different animals with other natural elements giving that mother-nature feeling instead of a human-made construction.

DA LAT, VIETNAM – JUNE 19, 2018: Panorama of Crazy House (Hang Nga guesthouse) in Dalat, Vietnam in a summer day

Explore the wonders of Hang Nga’s mazes and tunnels, high walk paths and low guard rails with steep ladders. Top parental guidance is however advised for those touring the guesthouse with children as these wonders are not entirely child-safe.




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