Why You Should Make Dong Van In Your Next Travel Destination

Dong Van is a town in the northern part of Vietnam (Ha Giang province). The region has grown to become one of the most sought tourist destination sites in the country. There exist various amazing places in the town that will make your Vietnam tour a memorable experience. This article contains information that explains the reason you should plan for your next Vietnam travel destination to Dong Van.

Incredible Lung Cu Flag Tower

Around 90 minutes from Dong Van, another amazing sight awaits: Lung Cu Flag Tower. It’s a huge flagpole set very close to the Chinese border. You can climb up and enjoy stunning views of the green hills, jagged mountains and steep drop-offs from there. If the visibility is good, you’ll even get a glimpse of China. Lung Cu Flag Tower is one of the tourist attraction sites that are breathtaking to watch while in Dong Van. The Flag Tower is situated at Lung Cu Peak and gives you an opportunity to see the beautiful landscapes down the mountainous region. Near the foot of the mountain, you will see the Dragon’s Eyes lakes, and you can take photographs to have memories of this spectacular area. Lung Cu Flag Tower is a popular tourist attraction site that you should not miss while on your Vietnam tour.

Lung Cam Cultural Village

Not far from Dong Van, is Lung Cam Cultural Village where people from the Lo Lo, Hmong and Han tribes live together. Here artisans create beautiful local handicrafts like colorful hand-woven fabrics. Walk around and you can see them at work and maybe even learn how they make some of their masterpieces.

The cultural village offers serene beauty of the culture of Vietnamese. The area is predominantly inhabited by the Mong ethnic group and attracts thousands of tourists each year. You should plan your Vietnam tour to this region to learn the customs and traditions of the Mong tribe as you explore the unique features found in this area. There are also beautiful landscapes comprising of colorful flower gardens and greenish fields. You will enjoy the unique foods prepared by the locals as you interact with them. You should plan your next tour in Dong Van to experience a breathtaking experience in this area.

Dong Van Ancient Quarter

It resembles a courtyard surrounded by traditional coin-roof buildings. Today, many of them have been converted into cafes and souvenir shops. This might come as a surprise, but the city is a popular stop among Vietnamese travelers who are exploring the Dong Van loop, so tourism in this area is more developed than in the rest of the province.

The Dong Van Ancient Quarter is one of the best places to tour when looking for the history of Vietnam. The Quarter comprises of different ethnic groups which posses unique cultures and different historical backgrounds. Among the communities living in the Ancient Quarter include the Mong, Tay and the Hoa. You will find ancient buildings constructed with unique architectural designs.

A visit to this area will equip you with knowledge and beautiful experiences of the different cultures of ethnic communities. You will interact with the local and participate in their cultural activities such as the ‘Night of the Ancient Quarter.’ A visit to the Ancient Quarter during the market days will give you good memories that will be impossible to forget.

Vuong’s Family Residence

Vuong’s Family residence is an area which was constructed in 1919 and served as Vuong Chinh Duc residence. As Vương Chính Đức was accepted as the Hmong King in the early 20th century, the French made an effort to win him over to tighten their grip on the area. Initially, this worked, but Vương Chính Đức’s successor decided to support Ho Chi Minh in his quest for Vietnamese independence. The home is specially built with architectural designs from France and Vietnam origins. The buildings were made for the king of Dong Van Plateau region. The house since became a major tourist attraction. You will explore the beautiful landscapes found in the area and take beautiful pictures if necessary.

The residence is situated in the Sa Phin Valley region. You will be fascinated by the serene beauty of the garden which is adjacent to the residence. The garden has a variety of plants that provide a conducive environment for relaxing and taking photographs.

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van karst plateau Geopark consists of four districts, namely, Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh, Quan Ba. Located in the North of Ha Giang province – Viet Nam. It shares border with china in the north, total area of over 2.346 km2 . The karst plateau is created by at least 80 percent limestone and many fossils of ancient creatures species from 400 – 600 million years ago. Its average elevation is 1400 -1600 meters above sea level.

Dong Van rocky highland Geopark was official 77th member of the Global Geopark Network on 3/10/2010. It became the first global Geopark in Viet Nam, the second in Southeast Asia.

The plateau offers a breathtaking view of landscapes and mountains in the region. The plateau is made of prominent limestone peaks and granite formed millions of years ago. You will enjoy taking pictures and doing some mountain climbing. UNESCO declared Dong Van Karst Plateau as the world’s geological park. You should visit the Dong Van region to experience the wonders of this region.